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Letterman on Tuesday

  • Matt will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman today. The press junket for We Bought A Zoo has already begun, and Matt participated in a Q&A after a screening of the film at the IFC Center in NY on Monday.

  • Matt finished filming Elysium on Saturday night, according to this Twitter post. More photos from the set are at Vanity Fair Italy.

  • Interviews with Zoo cast and crew, and B-roll footage from the making of the film, are available at Trailer Addict. Two of Jonsi's songs from the soundtrack are available at his website.

  • Contagion will be released on DVD in the US on 3 January 2012.

  • Matt did not attend the International Senior Lawyers Project luncheon last week as expected (probably due to Elysium filming), but he did send a video.

    Hogan Lovells announced today that it was presented with a Global Visionary Law Firm award from The International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP). The recognition was presented at a luncheon organized by ISLP to honor its key supporters and volunteers as the organization celebrated its 10th anniversary on 1 December 2011.

    The event featured a conversation between Hogan Lovells partner Joseph C. Bell and George Soros, founder of the Open Society Foundations. ISLP also presented videotaped thanks from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and actor Matt Damon, who thanked Hogan Lovells by name.

  • More details about the saga of Margaret's release to the screen, and director Kenneth Lonergan's view about the released print, are available at Time.

  • From an article with stills photographer Jasin Boland at the Sunday Times:

    The professional film photographer travels the globe with his wife and son, shooting Hollywood actors and big-budget sets, and counts stars such as Matt Damon and Ryan Reynolds as friends.

    Boland, who spends most of his time working in countries such as Turkey, Romania, Germany and South Africa, said his favourite A-list actor who he's worked with was Damon.

    "He's just a friend, you know. It's a circus for us, we're all away from our families and friends so we're all hanging out together," he said.

    "Guys like Matty and Brendan Fraser and Ryan Reynolds are absolute sweethearts, they're so professional and they help out."
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