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  • Thanks to Jeri Jo for the great news that Matt is at #45 on Premiere magazine's Power List, up from #72 last year. There's a small drawing of Matt, who's labeled the "Boston brawler". Can anyone forward to me the rest of the text about Matt?

  • Another report on the Mandela dinner from the NY Daily News:

    Donald Trump never rests. The other night, he and wife Melania were among those invited by Robert De Niro and resort czar Sol Kerzner to a Tribeca Grill dinner honoring Nelson Mandela. Seated next to The Donald was Toyko Sexwale, South Africa's first black billionaire. By the end of the meal, Sexwale had a handshake deal to bring "The Apprentice" to his country.

    Having idolized Muhammad Ali and Elizabeth Taylor in his youth, Mandela asked both to come. Taylor couldn't make it, but sent a huge bouquet of flowers. Ali did show - doing his fake knockout routine with Sean Penn and Matt Damon, who obligingly fell on the floor. South Africa's former president was also treated to an impromptu rendition of Paul Simon's "Graceland" by Dave Matthews, Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Gere and BeBe Winans.

    Word is this may be the last trip to America for the frail 87-year-old freedom fighter, whose once mighty voice now emerges in hushed tones. Among the crowd, which included John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Marc Anthony, Leo DiCaprio, Glenn Close, Diane Sawyer, Ed Bradley, Hugh Jackman and Naomi Campbell, many misted up. Spike Lee cried.
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