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Parade, directing project

  • There will be a feature interview with Matt in Sunday's Parade magazine. Some online excerpts, with photos by Sam Jones:

    On the movie he wrote with John Krasinski that he plans to direct.
    "It's about a salesman who goes to a small town and is changed by [the experience]. It's been really fun writing with John. It reminds me of writing with Ben [Affleck]. What worked about writing as partners was that it's like ping pong. Nobody arrives with a complete idea. You arrive with the germ of an idea, and that gives the other guy an idea, which gives you an idea, which gives the other guy an idea. So where it gets really exciting is when these ideas come up between the two of you and you can't even figure out what the genesis was. What it requires is a partner who has similar taste and a similar sense of humor.

    "I met John through Emily [Blunt, Krasinski's wife], because we did The Adjustment Bureau together. We really hit it off, and I started hanging out with John. This project came up out of that. It was something he was working on, and he had given it to Dave Eggers [Krasinski starred in Away We Go, co-scripted by Eggers], and Dave said, 'Ah, that's cool. Let me take it and run with it.' So he did, and then brought it back to John, and John showed me. Dave was like, 'Take it,' so [John and I] started writing on weekends, while I was doing We Bought a Zoo. I went into it without any real expectations. I liked spending time with John. But it took on a life of its own and got really exciting."

    On the karaoke date that was tweeted furiously.
    "I never try to micromanage my image, because I just don't think you can do it. It's funny, Lucy [Damon's wife, Luciana] and I went out the other night for John Krasinski's birthday. We had dinner and then went out to a bar and ended up at a karaoke place. We sang everything; we hadn't been out like that in a long time. And Lucy told me the next day, 'Our whole night was tweeted by people.'"

  • Matt broke news about a new cast member for his directing project and Elysium in an interview at the Inquirer:

    Matt’s head was shaved for “Elysium,” a sci-fi directed by Neill Blomkamp (“District 9”) set for release in 2013. “I just finished filming in Mexico City,” said the actor. “I have high hopes for that movie. It’s going to be great. Neill is a brilliant director.”

    “Elysium” takes place in the future, but Matt clarified that “there aren’t any aliens in it. It’s about what happened to Planet Earth. There’s a dynamic involving Taurus, an orbital habitat called Elysium that is hovering over Earth. That’s probably all I can say about it.”

    Matt hopes to make his feature directorial debut next year. It will star him, John Krasinski and Frances McDormand. “It’s just a small movie about a salesman who goes to a small town,” he said. “It’s about how that town changes him and how he changes the town a little bit, too. I was joking that it’s going to be done for the catering budget of ‘Elysium.’"

  • A video made by Matt for the International Senior Lawyers Project luncheon is at YouTube. The video was filmed on the set of Elysium in Mexico City - some stills below.

  • More from Jeremy Renner about Bourne at Shortlist:

    Renner: But they keep Jason Bourne alive, so who knows where they’ll actually go with it. This one still has to be successful, but maybe eventually Matt Damon and I could do one together. That would be kick-ass. I love Matt.

  • It is Matt and Lucy's sixth wedding anniversary today.
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