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Zoo preview screenings, SNL

  • There will be more advance screenings of We Bought A Zoo across the US on Saturday night (10 December). A still of Matt from the film is at IMDB.

  • The rest of Matt's interview with Parade is now online, including:

    Damon’s list of upcoming projects is as diverse as ever. He plans to play Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger in a film Affleck is slated to direct, and he’ll star opposite Michael Douglas, who’s cast as Liberace, in an HBO movie. Next year, Damon plans to direct a script he wrote with The Office’s John Krasinski. Did he feel like he was cheating on Affleck? “Well,” Damon says straight-faced, referencing Gone Baby Gone, which Affleck adapted with Aaron Stockard, “he cheated on me first.”

    As busy as he is, Damon understands how fickle Hollywood can be. He recalls a conversation with Clooney back in 2001 concerning an actor’s shelf life. “We started talking about people who were big stars 10 years earlier,” Damon says, “and there’s an incredible turnover.” When the pals saw each other recently, “I was like, ‘We did it,’” Damon says, breaking into a big smile. “‘We made it—10 years.’”

  • Matt filmed a skit in NY with Katy Perry, Andy Samberg and Val Kilmer on Friday for this week's SNL, to be hosted by Perry. Photos from Zimbio, Radar Online and Celebuzz.

  • A sighting of Matt and Lucy on Tuesday night is at the New York Post.
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