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Chicago event

  • Matt will be performing in The People Speak, Live in Chicago on 31 January. Details are available at the official site. The performance has already sold out, but additional tickets may be released.

    Oscar winner Matt Damon will headline a night of dramatic readings and songs later this month at Metro, 3730 N. Clark.

    “The People Speak, Live!,” on Jan. 31, will feature actors and poets reading the works of rebels and dissenters from history. It’s based on the documentary “The People Speak,” produced by Damon and aired on History in 2009.

    The idea that all of the progress in America towards equality has been struggled for by everyday people, I hope will become a point of discussion for more students of all ages,” Damon said in a statement. “With ‘The People Speak,’ you’re getting the actual historical text verbatim; there’s no spin.”

  • Matt has signed a multi-year deal to be the on-air narrator of advertisements for TD Ameritrade. All fees will be donated to charity.

  • We Bought A Zoo leftovers: David Denby's positive review at The New Yorker; actor Ben Seeder talks about working with Matt; Peter Reigert talks about Matt and being in Zoo; a German interview with Matt and Elle Fanning interviewed at the LA Times:

    Elle: "Before I met Matt and Scarlett [on "Zoo"], they didn't seem like real people. They were like, 'Matt Damon' and 'Scarlett Johansson.' Huge superstars. Then you meet them ... Matt always had his family on set. They'd yell 'Cut' and all his girls would run up to him. He was so nice; he's such a normal guy."

  • A sighting from the New York Post.
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