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People Speak event in Chicago

  • Matt performed in The People Speak, Live event in Chicago on Tuesday. An interview with Matt and Chris Moore before the show is at ABC Chicago, where Matt was asked about his future plans (response below). A radio interview with Chris Moore is here.

    Matt: I’ve been working for about a year and I’m now working at being a dad and staying home. It’s a good job.

  • Before the event Matt and Lupe Fiasco attended a student performance inspired by the project at TEAM Englewood High School - a report is here.

    A group of students sat in a circle sharing their poetry, perspectives and personal takes on U.S. history. It was a kind of prep for these students at TEAM Englewood High School on Chicago’s South Side; this spring they will put on a performance to highlight anonymous voices in American history.

    The student project is a spinoff from Howard Zinn’s seminal book, A People’s History of the United States. Two years ago actor Matt Damon co-produced a documentary from Zinn’s material that aired on HBO. Damon’s also associated with an offshoot from Zinn's tome, a nonprofit civic engagement outfit called Voices of a People’s History.

    That brought him to Englewood Tuesday afternoon.

    Englewood Speaks is the name of the student performance — the only one of its kind in the city that’s connected to the Voices project.
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