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LA visit

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy arriving at Los Angeles airport on Sunday are at Zimbio. Update: Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving Los Angeles on Monday are also at Zimbio.

  • From a 2011 Zoo interview at

    Question: Did you ever get one great piece of advice when it comes to choices in life?
    Matt: I`ve gotten great advice throughout my life from wonderful people. But the best ones always tell me, just take your time.

    Question: What is the biggest high for you as an actor?
    Matt: What makes me happy at the end of the day, is involving myself in projects that are exciting, where the work is fun and challenging, and where I`m not really worried about the results of it.

  • From a story at the Sydney Morning Herald:

    The Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon was enjoying some incognito time looking at the pictures in the Art Gallery of NSW when he was collared by a total stranger.

    "G'day mate," said the jovial Steve Peters, pointing at the baseball cap which was part of the movie star's disguise. "I'm a mad keen Boston Red Sox fan myself. Would you mind signing my duct?"

    Amazingly Damon agreed, following Peters to the gallery's packing room which becomes a hive of energy for five days at this time every year for the annual Archibald Prize. Between Monday (March 5) and Friday (March 9) - the final day for entries - an expected 2,500 portraits will arrive at the packing room for judging.

    Many will be delivered personally by artists hoping to win the $75,000 prizemoney (up $25,000 from 2011). And some of those artists will be invited to sign the packing room's air conditioning duct - something which has now become part of the Archibald tradition.

    Peters initiated what has become the gallery's most unusual piece of contemporary art 15 years ago. The TV star Noel Ferrier was bringing a painting in and Peters asked for his signature. "But I'm always losing bits of paper. So I got him to sign the duct."

    This will be the 21st year that Peters has chosen the Packing Room Prize, awarded to the portrait that most impresses his staff. Famously, the rules are undemocratic - Peters has 51 per cent of the voting rights.
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