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Promised Land

  • Promised Land is filming with a unique camera ratio format - details here.

    Cinematographer Linus Sandgren is currently photographing a feature film using a format that is extremely rare, and possibly unique for a feature film. The film, titled Promised Land, is being shot on 35 mm using the full 4-perf frame, using Vantage’s 1.3x Hawk anamorphic lenses. The final aspect ratio will be 1.85:1. It’s believed that the technique may have been used previously on some commercials, but never for the big screen.

    Director Gus Van Sant wanted the ability to capture and reproduce rich location details, and he noted his admiration for images made with Leica still cameras. Sandgren says that the additional image area of the 4-perf/1.3x anamorphic combination delivers. “For the look of Promised Land, we’ve been looking towards photojournalism from the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s,” he says. “I’m especially fond of the work of Steve McCurry, Mitch Epstein and Eve Arnold. Many of their reportage-style images were shot on 135 film cameras and Kodakchrome stock, which has characteristic contrast while carrying all the highlights and keeping the blacks dense, but soft."

  • Recent reports on the filming of Promised Land are at TribLive here and here.

  • Matt, Ben and John Krasinski are hosting a fundraiser for Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in LA on 21 May - the details are here.

  • There may be a live event for The People Speak in Pittsburgh on 23 May, according to this post:

    vph: So glad @MalcolmLondon able to join us in Pittsburgh for our May 23 event / shoot so he can share more of his poetry with Mr. M. Damon!

  • Matt will be attending the fundraiser for Massachusetts General Hospital's Cancer Center in Boston on 7 June - details here.

  • Matt and brother Kyle honored mother Nancy in a section on the site for Mother's Day - details here.

    Happy Mother’s Day! Your love, support, and commitment to making the world a better place has shaped the person I am and the women my girls will become. You and mothers everywhere inspire me to work to end the global water crisis. Love, — Matt Damon

    Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day to a woman whose actions and ideas of love and justice continue to spread beyond your sons. I love you, mom. -Your #1 son — Kyle Damon
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