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  • A new interview (in Italian) from the NY junket for We Bought A Zoo last December is at Donna Moderna.

  • From an interview with Emily Blunt in the Observer magazine:

    She compares finding decent roles for women to "joining a pack of hyenas feeding on very few carcasses". Lately she's become interested in writing. Her husband of 18 months, John Krasinski - aka Jim from the US version of The Office and star of romcoms such as It's Complicated and Big Miracle - is currently writing a film with Matt Damon after she introduced them: "It really is so impressive. I'm so admiring of it. They're both from Boston so they're very funny together. It's going to be brilliant."

  • From an interview with Thomas Haden Church at Metro:

    Don’t you see yourself good-looking?
    As I get older, it is what it is [laughs]. Sometimes I see myself in a movie and I’m like: ‘Oh yeah, I look all right.’ But movie stars get paid a tremendous amount compared with everybody else and they have a lot of control that I have never had. I’ve seen that over the years with Eddie Murphy, with Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon. Sometimes they use that power with aplomb and sometimes they don’t.

    Do you have a favourite movie star?
    I love Sandy [Bullock] and Matt Damon. I worked on We Bought A Zoo with Matt and I’ve never met a kinder movie star. I don’t think he ever greeted me without a smile. He would ask: ‘What kind of cattle do you have on your ranch? What grade is your daughter in at school?’

  • From an article about extraordinary women at Fast Company:

    Far from the stately auditoriums and panel discussions of Washington, D.C., Laura Pincus Hartman and I are clinging to a roll bar in the back of a pickup truck, bouncing across rocky dirt roads as we pass through desperately poor villages.

    We are in a rural part of north central Haiti, called Pignon. Despite the light rain, children emerge to watch us. Some, not all, break their stares with a wave. Some, not all, are properly clothed. (I lost my heart to a lively 10-year-old named Jeannette, who told me in the best English she could muster about her daily five-hour trek to collect clean water.)

    Hartman is shouting at me: "I really believe that I can convince for-profits that they can have an impact on poverty and serve their financial strategy!" It's hard to focus on her, especially as I nervously watch cofounder Matt Damon in the truck behind us, which is trying to cross a swollen river backward to prevent its engine from flooding. We have come to this part of Haiti to tour successful community well projects that has helped build. Since water collection falls almost entirely to girls, it is one of the most effective ways to get them back in school. And Hartman is responsible for one of's most creative donations.

  • From an interview with Ben Affleck:

    The 39-year-old star turns 40 in August and revealed that he has been teasing close friend Matt Damon about his age: "Matt turned 40 before me and for two years we've been living in different decades.

    "So I have been telling him about life from the youth perspective. You know, what it's like for guys in their 30s to a guy in his 40s. I'm not going to be able to make that taunt anymore, so that'll be disappointing."

  • From an article about real estate broker Jason Saft at the NY Daily News:

    Craziest showing story?
    A broker requested a showing for his client, but would not reveal who it was. I opened the door, and it was Matt Damon and his wife. It was shortly after the Jimmy Kimmel video he did, and without thinking I said, “You’re f----- Matt Damon.” The showing was a lot of fun, and they were fantastic.

  • Tom Brady talked about the Funny or die video and meeting Matt previously at EW:

    In fact, no one seems to recognize him as the Patriots Super Bowl quarterback, and two yokels even confuse him for Matt Damon. It’s a particularly funny exchange because the two famous men could pass for cousins. (When Damon was named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2007, he told the magazine that Brady was “a taller, better-looking version of me.”)

    “I got a chance to know Matt a little bit, and he would appreciate that video,” says Brady, who had a cameo in Damon’s 2003 comedy Stuck on You and admits that people have mistaken him for the Oscar winner, though never in Boston. “The people in Boston are very territorial about their sports stars and with their actors and actresses.”
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