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Candid pic, Elysium

  • A photo of Matt and Lucy in Santa Monica, Los Angeles on Friday is at People. More photos are at PopSugar.

  • As predicted by Matt last year, the first footage from Elysium will be released at Comic-Con in San Diego on 13 July. Matt and Jodie Foster will attend the panel session - from Coming Soon:

    4:35-6:35 Sony: Total Recall, Looper, and Elysium

    Elysium-Ever since writer-director Neill Blomkamp broke through with his first feature film, District 9, people have been wondering what he has in store for an encore. Be a part of the first audience anywhere to get a first look at his new movie, Elysium, as stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster join Neill and producer Simon Kinberg on stage.

  • Steven Soderbergh discussed Behind the Candelabra at Yahoo:

    Soderbergh previously had a short-lived series on HBO titled "K Street," and the cable network stepped in to help finance "Candelabra" after its makers couldn't find a U.S. distributor to pay the $5 million to $6 million needed to make it. The studios' biggest complaint, he said, was that the project was "too gay."

    "What do you say to something like that?" Soderbergh said, pointing out that not even the combined star power of Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, producer Jerry Weintraub and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Richard LaGravenese could get movie studios interested.

    "(That) was an indication to me of just where the business is going now," he said. "If you're talking about a realistic movie - that's not a fantasy or a comic book film - studios have become very resistant to anything that's not bubbly and positive all the time," he added.
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