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Behind the Candelabra

  • Behind the Candelabra started filming last Monday. Here are excerpts from an interview with actor Cheyenne Jackson about the film:

    CJ: But, yeah, I start this week on the Liberace movie - and, yes, right now it is called BEHIND THE CANDELABRA. It has such a great cast, too - Debbie Reynolds, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd, Matt Damon; just an amazing cast.

    PC: Who is your character?
    CJ: I play Jerry O’Rourke, who is Liberace’s first boyfriend. It’s going to be pretty amazing - I couldn’t be more excited. We are going to film in Vegas and Palm Springs and LA - it’s going to be a real adventure.

    PC: It is going to be a roughly 2-hour film for HBO, correct?
    CJ: Yeah - at this point.

    PC: Do you know if it will be expanded to a 4-hour series? It’s been rumored that is being considered, ala Mildred Pierce.
    CJ: No clue. It’s a big story to tell, though - but, no, I don’t know the answer to that.

  • A few tweets from Cheyenne and Rob Lowe about the film are below.

    Day 1 of Steven Soderbergh's LIBERACE film w/ Michael Douglas & Matt Damon. Feeling proud, excited & humbled. #BringOnTheGlitter

    Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Steven Soderbergh and Dan Aykroyd are stratospherically talented. #LIBERACE. #SparkleBaby!

    @RobLowe Shooting today with 2 great actors and really good guys: Matt Damon and Michael Douglas. #Liberace.
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