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Charlie Rose, Informant update

  • Matt was scheduled to appear on the Charlie Rose show with O12 producer Jerry Weintraub on Friday, again filling in for the absent George Clooney. The show's website now reports that different guests were on Friday's show, but a cached version of the site had Matt and Jerry scheduled for Friday. There may have been a late change, but look for repeats on the PBS channel.

  • The Australian newspaper has a long article today (Saturday) with Steven Soderbergh, who talks about his upcoming projects and his frustrations with making both Oceans movies. Soderbergh says that his patience with the film industry is wearing thin and that he can see himself giving up film-making except on a personal level and replacing it with painting or photography. But...

    "At present, Soderbergh has some interesting projects on the go. First up is likely to be The Informant, about a real-life whistleblower (played by Damon, Soderbergh hopes) who became the only person jailed amid a price-fixing scandal in the global food market in the late '90s. He will follow that with Che...

  • For Australian readers, a show titled Ocean's 12 - Meet the cast is scheduled for 10pm on Friday 10 December. It could be a bad local version of the Primetime Live show.
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