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The Departed, another Grimm delay

  • Comments about Peter Mullan's role in The Departed from The Scotsman:

    Mullan reveals that his next project is in Boston. He'll be acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson in The Departed, a Martin Scorsese remake of the 2002 Japanese hit Infernal Affairs. Mullan will play police captain Queenan, the nemesis of Nicholson's character. "It's quite cool, although I've only got one scene with Jack (as I can now call him)," he laughs. "Most of my scenes are with DiCaprio and Damon. The script is amazing. Everybody is corrupt. Everybody is f***ing over everybody else. The part for Nicholson will be one of the greatest things he has ever done. It's just like a flamboyant godfather. It was definitely written for him, you feel it in every word. He's massively articulate and frighteningly nihilistic.

    "It's great but, to be honest, I wasn't going to do it at first. It's 20 weeks in America. And I couldn't leave my weans for that length of time. So I half drafted out a letter to Marty because I had also knocked back Gangs of New York because of The Magdalene Sisters. But the agent assured me that I won't be away for longer than seven weeks. In the contract they've included four first-class tickets so I can get back four times. It's weird. You'd think if someone said to you: 'will you do a film with Martin Scorsese?' you'd think, 'f**k the weans, f**k everything, I'm doing it', but I'm 45 and your weans only grow up once. But I'm doing it now, which is great."

  • A recent speech by Gwyneth Paltrow titled "The Art of Screen Acting" was discussed in an article at the Financial Times:

    We learned that she does not like to watch herself on the monitor while filming. "It just makes me freak out and think how terrible I am and how awful my voice sounds. I remember doing The Talented Mr Ripley, and Matt Damon really needed to see what he was doing. He was so good in that film that it made me wish I didn’t repulse myself so much, because maybe I could be learning what he’s learning."

  • The Brothers Grimm may have been further delayed until 26 August. Syriana opens in late September.
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