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Promised Land,

  • Rosemarie DeWitt discussed Promised Land and working with Matt in an interview at Australia's Sunday Herald Sun:

    She calls [Your Sister's Sister] a "tiny" story, a contrast to Promised Land (out next year) which Damon co-wrote with Krasinski.

    "I was so impressed with Matt -- he wasn't fretting over his performance, he was really hoping the ideas were being conveyed," DeWitt says.

    "I thought, 'This is why he's a really important leading man in American cinema because he really is trying to represent the plight of the everyman'.

    "It's great to do a movie like Your Sister's Sister, telling the tiny story; it's another thing to tell everybody's story.

    "After finishing that film I thought, `Yeah, Matt does that a lot, doesn't he?'"

  • The composer for Promised Land is Danny Elfman, and the film has been classified R.

  • A new short video from includes footage of Matt's father and brother with him in Haiti celebrating the opening of a well.

  • Matt will be participating in a charity event on 18 September in New York to support the Family Reach Foundation, which provides financial relief and support to families with children fighting cancer - details at the Boston Globe:

    Indeed, celebrity athletes and chefs play a big role in her fund-raising events. In May, Ming Tsai brought in chefs to cook in the ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton. On Sept. 18, Matt Damon will be cooking at the Ritz in New York, with Tsai and some other chefs. In November, the foundation will hold a Culture & Caring art show and reception at the Liberty Hotel, with the art work done by children in treatment.

    “Rent and mortgage are big things we do,” says [Carla] Tardif, who also serves on the board of Damon’s, which brings clean water to developing countries. "Keeping a roof over their heads, keeping utilities on, especially in the winter.”

  • A report on the filming of Behind the Candelabra from the Las Vegas Sun. Dan Aykroyd hosted a party for cast and crew on 30 August.

    The two principal locations for shooting were the LVH Sky Villas and the LVH Theater. That famous showroom, the original home of Elvis dating to his 1969 debut in Vegas when the hotel was known as the International (and later Las Vegas Hilton), was Liberace’s main stage in the 1970s. Liberace Foundation Board of Directors Chairman Brian “Paco” Alvarez, who has spent his adult life preserving Vegas’s cultural heritage, said he walked into the theater this week and was awestruck.

    “I took a look at the set and was literally brought to tears,” he said in a moving text message Friday. “It is amazing how they transformed the theater.”
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