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Toronto party for Argo

  • Matt and Lucy attended a post-premiere party for Ben Affleck's film Argo in Toronto on Friday. Photos from WB Pictures Twitter and Wireimage. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski also attended the premiere and party.

  • A few tweets from the Argo party:

    Warner Bros Pictures‏@wbpictures
    #MattDamon & Luciana supporting buddy @BenAffleck at tonight's #TIFF gala screening of #Argo. #bromance

    Jenny Cooney‏@JennyCooney
    At #TIFF2012 Argo after-party watching #BenAffleck hanging out with BFF #MattDamon and their wives. So cute.

    Elaine L.‏@LaineyGossip
    Currently booth neighbours with Matt Damon and his wife. #GreyGooseSohoHouse #etalkTIFF12

    Marcello Cabezas‏@marcetotw
    Tonight: reminder on broship and what that means. Damon, Affleck, Krasinksi....they are people first and support each others work. #tiff12

  • Matt pre-recorded a segment with Michael Douglas for the Stand Up To Cancer telethon. The text of Matt's statement to camera was at the Huffington Post.

    "Cancer tried to take my dad, a man who runs marathons, sails boats, loves his grand kids, tolerates his kids. It tried, so far it failed, and tonight, I am so proud to be standing up to cancer for my dad." --Matt Damon

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