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Spanish interview

  • A new interview with a Spanish newspaper to promote the upcoming cinema release of Gerry in Spain is online here. It appears to be a very candid discussion of Matt's fears before filming commences, his desire not to be seen as a star as he believes he does not have the necessary charisma, and includes a comment on how Ben is seeking to correct past mistakes. All errors in translation are mine (selected excerpts follow).

    After the success of Ocean's Twelve and The Bourne Identity the North American actor plays a character dramatically different from the action hero of his recent films. Intelligent, introverted and with the aura (aspect) of the all-American boy, Damon, who receives twelve million dollars per film, does not fit the profile of the typical thirty-ish star of Hollywood. In fact, he lives far from the public eye, between New York, Miami, and the house in which his mother lives in Massachusetts.

    Q- You are of those professionals who always gives one hundred percent, and you have even put your health in danger. Is it worth the effort?
    A- Yes. My delivery is motivated by my lack of imagination. I have to investigate the character, and it is a process that sometimes works and on other occasions leaves me consumed and depressed. Before filming starts I suffer attacks of fear. The first week I always think that I am not going to be able to do what they ask of me, that something is going to go badly. Once that initial panic is gone, I enjoy it very much.

    Q– You have resisted being in action movies, like The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. Why do you want to move away from the image of a hero?
    A- The majority of action movies have no script which carries the actors anywhere, and that is very boring because what I want is to act, to be in films that interest me and where I can enjoy the process. Those two films gave me the opportunity to transform into a spy. There was certainly a lot of action, but there was also a story. I work for me. I want to be surrounded by colleagues that interest me and to do roles that entertain... me.

    Q- Hollywood has put many expectations on you.
    A- I have passed the barrier of ten million dollars per film, and the industry treats me very well. I am not going to complain, but I decide my projects based on what I want to do.

    Q- You avoid the fame and most of the press, whereas Ben Affleck...
    A– Is in a different situation. Ben has been surrounded by turmoil and is now trying to correct his past mistakes. My objective is not to please everybody; if people come to see my films it will be because they like my work and not because of my private life or any other reasons alien to my work. I might be a celebrity (be famous), but I do not want to be considered a star, a position that limits you so much, and, in addition, I do not have sufficient charisma to fight that type of image. I am only an actor.

    Q– Therefore you hide when not promoting a film.
    A- Yes. I am not an open person, I do not like to speak of my partner (same one) and I must respect much more the privacy of the person with whom I share my life if she does not come from that world. If you turn your relationship into a spectacle, renouncing your private life, you do not have any type of rest, and the photographers do not give you any peace. It is exhausting. Besides, the relationship suffers if you cannot have those private moments that relax you and make you forget that you are a public figure. Without those moments I could neither live nor act.
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