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Independent Film tribute, Behind the Candelabra

  • Matt is one of the recipients of a career tribute at the 2012 Gotham Independent Film Awards on 26 November. Details at Indiewire:

    Matt Damon, David O. Russell and Jeff Skoll have been chosen by the Independent Filmmaker Project to receive career tributes at the 2012 Gotham Independent Film Awards on November 26.

    "It is with pride and great pleasure that we give tribute to these three luminaries, each of whom plays an amazing role in expanding the language of film, breaking boundaries along the way," said IFP executive director Joana Vicente. "Each has a unique voice and clearly defined vision of cinema for today’s generation, bringing perspective and relevance to the film world today."

    The honors will be presented along with seven competitive awards at the organization’s 22nd annual event, which will take place at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.

  • Matt and Gary White appeared on Charlie Rose's program on PBS last Thursday to discuss The video is online. Matt also discussed Bourne and recent film shoots.

    CHARLIE ROSE: Do you still have time for acting.
    MATT DAMON: I do. I did two movies this year.
    CHARLIE ROSE: Did you? Which two did you do?
    MATT DAMON: I did -- I wrote a movie with John Krasinski from "The Office called "Promised Land".
    MATT DAMON: That`s -- I am very proud of it. It`s Gus Van Sant directed.
    CHARLIE ROSE: Oh, I love this.
    MATT DAMON: It`s a movie about a salesman that goes to upstate New York and it is really just a movie about this little town and how the town changes him and how he is kind of changed by the town and he is selling -- he`s up there selling natural gas and in this kind of depressed rural community and just basically about kind of what happens. It`s a movie about people. It`s like "Good Will Hunting".
    CHARLIE ROSE: And you wrote it?
    MATT DAMON: Yes. With John. With John Krasinski, yes.

    MATT DAMON: I did a movie with Steven Soderbergh -- that Steven Soderbergh directed that starred Michael Douglas as Liberace.
    CHARLIE ROSE: Oh that`s right. And you play his lover.
    MATT DAMON: I was kind of his lover, Scott Thorson. Yes. And that was great.
    CHARLIE ROSE: You just finished filming.
    MATT DAMON: Two weeks ago we finished it.
    CHARLIE ROSE: Does it feel good. Does it sound and feel like --
    MATT DAMON: I think it is going to be terrific, yes. It is going to come out next May, but all the signs -- I have done enough of these things I know when --
    CHARLIE ROSE: Can you really tell? I mean --
    MATT DAMON: You know when you are in good shape, definitely.
    CHARLIE ROSE: And Michael is well?
    MATT DAMON: Michael is great. I mean he is beyond -- he was phenomenal in the picture. His health is terrific, I mean, I was trying to keep up with him, you know. I felt old.

  • Further comments from Jerry Weintraub about Behind the Candelabra are at Screen Daily.

    The Liberace project, Behind The Candelabra, is directed by Steven Soderbergh based on Richard LaGravenese’s script, stars Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his driver/lover Scott Thorson. “It’s a gutsy movie to make, not a lot of people would make it,” says Weintraub. “The two actors are brilliant in it, and they went full out, they didn’t hold back…It’s a wonderful film, I’m really happy with it. When the last book is written about me, that will be one of the most important things I ever did. I’m sure.” The film is now finished and set for release in mid-2013.

  • Matt's brother Kyle wrote about winning the triathlon last weekend and Matt's surprise visit at
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