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Promised Land, Ben

  • Matt spoke about Promised Land to Word and Film:

    Indeed, at the “Argo” premiere Damon could barely contain his excitement about Affleck’s success in retrofitting the filmmaking (and marketing) process to more closely resemble the old model, merging quality and commerciality. And he’s only slightly less bullish about Promised Land’s prospects to do the same. "It's a really good film and I’m proud of it," Damon said, with a sly grin. “Now I just hope people go see it.”

  • Ben on Matt's new haircut and a quote from OK magazine:

    Ben Affleck is giving a thumbs up to his BFF Matt Damon's new 'do — even if it is a shocker.

    “It takes you off guard,” the 40-year-old told Celebuzz exclusively at Thursday’s charity screening of his new flick, Argo. “I never saw Matt as the skinhead type. But it looks good on him.”

    You could be up for another Oscar with Argo. You won your first for Good Will Hunting, which you wrote with Matt Damon. Are you two still close?

    Affleck: Matt lives down the street from me. I told him, 'Dude you have got to move here.' And I've been hounding him and hounding him to live here so that our kids can know each other and go to the same schools and hang out the way we did. Finally he just caved and he moved here - and I've already seen him like 73 times! We're back and forth. Our wives can't believe it, like, 'Wait a minute, Matt's coming over here? You just left Matt's house'. It's like we're regressing to high school and it's really, really fun. And their kids were over all day. I'm really glad to have that happen and it's cool."

  • Matt and Gary White will be interviewed by Maria Bartiromo for The Wall Street Journal Report on NBC on Sunday.

  • Another report on the visit to The Box last week from Us magazine, which confirms that Lucy was part of the London visit.

    Tom Cruise is letting loose!

    The actor, 50, partied with his All You Need Is Kill costars Emily Blunt, 29, and Bill Paxton, 57, at Matt Damon's 42nd birthday blowout at London burlesque club The Box in London October 6, sources tell the new issue of Us Weekly (out now).

    "They were all having fun," says an onlooker. "Matt and his wife [Luciana] were jumping on couches, kissing and doing shots."

    A solo Cruise -- who split with wife Katie Holmes, 33, in late June -- stayed out until 3 a.m., enjoying the club's wild circus and comedy acts. Says the source, "He even got paddled by the transgender hostess!"
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