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Promised Land, photos

  • Matt, John Krasinski and Gus Van Sant were interviewed for an interview about Promised Land at the LA Times, including:

    "If people want to internalize it as a political issue movie, they are going to and we're not going to be able to stop them," said Krasinski. But that's not how he sees it. "In my head, I always just wanted to do a Frank Capra-esque movie. Capra was a genius at toeing that political line in a way that is representative of how it affects all of us rather than sort of this hard-line activist stance on the issue at hand.

    Damon echoes the sentiment: "If the movie takes any position, it's don't let big money make big decisions for you. You have to make a decision one way or the other, no matter what it is."

    After deciding he wouldn't have enough preparation time to direct the project as he had initially planned, Damon emailed the script to Van Sant in December just as his flight was departing. By the time Damon landed a few hours later, Van Sant had agreed to direct.

    "I just wanted to stay out of the way," said Van Sant, likening the style to how he shot "Good Will Hunting." "I wanted the story to tell itself."

  • Matt, John and Gus will attend a Q&A about the film for the LA Times on 12 December - details here. The Q&A in NY for TimesTalk on 27 November will be able to watch live and on video here. John and producer Mike Sablone attended a WGA event to promote the film on Thursday. And a Twitter review of the film.

    Linda Howard ‏@MrsKenHoward
    Just came from a screening of #PromisedLand written by & starring#JohnKrasinski & #MattDamon. Brilliantly written & acted. #Humanity. GO!

  • Gus interviewed John to discuss the film at VMAN magazine - not currently online.

    Gus Van Sant interviews the breakout star (and screenwriter) of the forthcoming film Promised Land, and helps reveal the real Krasinski

  • Ben talked about avoiding working with Matt at the Shortlist.

    Ben also revealed why he hasn't worked with Matt Damon for a while.

    The best friends wrote and starred in the Oscar-winning movie Good Will Hunting, but Ben revealed their friendship was hyped so much it became a distraction from their actual work.

    "We wanted to have our own identities; this whole Matt and Ben thing was so strong it kind of upstaged whatever the movie was. I think it's been long enough now, so we're about to do this movie together called Whitey, about this famous gangster [Whitey Bulger] in America. Matt's going to play him and I'm going to direct," he said.

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy, Gia and Isabella leaving a Halloween party last Sunday are at the Daily Mail and Premiere.
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