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Zero Theorem filming in Romania

  • Matt is currently filming Zero Theorem for director Terry Gilliam in Bucharest, Romania. Reports and photos are at Click, Libertatea and SIPA. Video is available here.

  • Aaron Sorkin hosted a screening of Promised Land in LA last weekend - details at the Hollywood Reporter.

    Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin hosted a special advance screening of Gus Van Sant's Promised Land on Saturday night at the SoHo House in Los Angeles. Among the celebs who turned out to see the Matt Damon anti-fracking drama were Demi Moore, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, who reportedly cornered co-producer/co-writer John Krasinski after the film ended to gush about it. Focus Features has not yet screened Promised Land for journalists but presumably will soon since it will be released in theaters Dec. 28.

  • Matt was photographed for a Hollywood Reporter cover story with other actors during his brief visit to LA a few weeks ago - there's a reference in this article at Grantland.

  • An article on a recent series of ads for TD Ameritrade, narrated by Matt (Matt donates all fees to charity).

  • Quotes from an interview with Ben at the Telegraph.

    [Ben] adds, 'The downside is it takes a year and a half. Matt just did Promised Land [Gus Van Sant's new film] and the Neill Blomkamp movie [Elysium] in the whole time it took for me to make Argo. I'm jealous of the variety of his experience. A whole new script, a whole new director and I'm going over and over the minutiae of the same thing. It's what it takes. You have to have the discipline to say, "I'm going to work as hard as I can to deliver it."'

    Affleck and Damon still measure their progress against one another, not in the competitive or resentful fashion one might expect, but in the off– hand way in which one orients oneself with a familiar landmark – a clock or weathervane.

    After Good Will Hunting turned Affleck and Damon into overnight success stories, people spent a lot of time trying to second–guess the friendship, trying to work out who was more talented. 'People always wanted to make a distinction between me and Ben,' Damon recalls. ' "OK, well, which guy wrote what? Who's the talented guy? Who's the clinger?''' Affleck says he met a girl at a party who told him, "'Yeah, I always thought he was like this genius and you were his friend,''' he remembers.

    'I think on some level I bought into that. I'm like, "You go ahead." I'm just kind of funny and he's very talented. That got started by the comparison between my character and Matt's character in that movie, and buying into that.'
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