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Times Talk, Gotham Awards

  • Matt, John and Gus participated in a discussion of Promised Land for TimesTalks in NY on Tuesday. The full video is available at the NY Times. During the discussion Matt confirmed that he has no projects confirmed for 2013, but that he has now seen Bourne Legacy. Photos are at Yahoo and Zimbio. Following the discussion Matt and John attended Q&A discussions at SAG and WGA screenings, and Gus attended a DGA screening.

  • More photos and reports from the Gotham Awards are at Lainey Gossip, People and OK magazine (longer interview), Women's Wear Daily and Showbiz 411. Matt talks about Lance Armstrong at MTV, and meeting Brad Pitt earlier in the day at E Online. Videos are at ET, CBS and PopSugar. More links are in the comments section of the previous post. Matt's suits from the 1997 and 2012 events were pictured at InStyle.

    OK magazine
    One way they keep him steeped in reality is by reminding good-natured Matt that he is the same person despite his fame and fortune.

    “My wife would probably tell you that I haven’t transformed at all, fashion-wise,” he says. “There were these things where they give you a suit, so it looks like you know what the hell you’re doing, but there are plenty of paparazzi shots of me walking around in my own clothes that prove that I have absolutely no fashion sense.”

    Still, the concept of receiving a lifelong career tribute at age 42 is not lost on him.

    “Well, I hope this is like a buoy-marker — a half-time thing,” he says. “If I could do this for another 15 years, then that would be cool. I hope it’s not full circle. I hope it’s just a little way into the circle.”

    For Matt, the secret behind his success that started with his and pal Ben’s Oscar-winning flick Good Will Hunting lies in never settling.

    “It was something that we wrote, and we never compromised on it. We wanted to make it good by our standards. We did the same thing with Promised Land, and Ben did the same with Argo. It’s revising and working on it until you get the thing that you want.”

    But Matt doesn’t let perfectionism stand in his way of getting acting work.

    “I’m always looking for the next good thing,” he says. “Each movie’s a story — it’s storytelling. You try to align yourself with good people, and find something that speaks to you in some way. I never wanted to not do a bunch of good movies because I was waiting to make a great one.”

    Of course, working with friends is a driving force.

    “That’s kind of the goal, actually. Or it’s the other way around. I end up working with people like Fran McDormand and Gus [Van Sant] and John [Krasinski]. They’re my friends, but I’m a fan of them. I don’t know which one comes first.”

    E! News
    E! News caught up with Promise Land costars Matt Damon and John Krasinski, and we couldn't help but bring up the fact that Damon was making a hard effort to catch Oceans costar Brad Pitt during his Killing Them Softly junket nearby.

    It was really a sweet, bromantic moment.

    "He's got six kids, I've got four. It's very rare that we have any time to actually bump into each other and say hello," Damon told us, "so when you're that close, it's kind of a rule that you gotta run in and plant a hug on somebody."

    Showbiz 411
    In an alternate universe, if you were elected president, a reporter started to ask, when Damon interrupted her with, “Can I fly? As long as we’re in an alternate universe can I have some superpowers?”

    No, what would you do, the journalist asked? “What would I do if I were the president or if I could fly?”

    As for whether it would be surreal if he and Ben Affleck — who won Oscars together in 1998 for writing “Good Will Hunting”– faced off against each other at the Oscars, Damon replied, “There’s no against at that point.”

    Women's Wear Daily
    Damon, sporting a recently shorn buzz cut, beamed while a montage of his films played overhead. Tablemate Blunt, snickered with the actor when a clip of the pair locking lips in “The Adjustment Bureau” rolled.

  • In an interview on the awards show red carpet, Matt talked about much he enjoyed writing the Promised Land script with John:

    'My wife said to me in the middle of this whole process "no matter what happens with this movie, I’ve never seen you this happy. You’ve remembered how much you love doing this."'

  • Following the on-stage jokes at the Gotham Awards, Matt and director David O. Russell met after the show - via Huffington Post.

    Last night at the Gotham Awards, Matt Damon and yourself had a nice public exchange about wanting to make a movie together.
    Russell: Yes.

    I'd pay money to sit in a room and watch you two say to each other, "What kind of movie should we make?"
    [Laughs] We ended up meeting up afterwards and having a really nice conversation. I think we'll figure something out.

    Oh? That sound promising.
    It was really nice. Then we had a nice long talk afterwards with John Krasinski, which is nice.

    I hope that happens.
    Oh, yeah. I think we'll figure something out as time goes on.
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