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Behind the Candelabra still

  • The first footage from Behind the Candelabra was released in a HBO preview available here.

  • A recent article at the New York Daily News:

    When Matt Damon was told Robert De Niro cited him as an inspiration at the Independent Film Project's 22nd annual Gotham Film Awards, he stammered, "I ... don't know how that makes me feel ... I'm ... uh, well ... I can't put my feelings for him into a sound bite." Paying it forward, Damon (above) expressed admiration for Pittsburgh, where he recently shot "Promised Land." Says Damon, "It's a lot like Boston in the sense that the people are just very real and it's an easy place to kind of disappear."

  • One of Robert De Niro's recent quotes about Matt was in The Guardian:

    And what about now? Which actors from younger generations inspire you?
    The actors I respect are Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio… Daniel Day-Lewis is a wonderful actor. Jennifer Lawrence [De Niro's co-star in Silver Linings Playbook] is wonderful. She's got a great energy.

  • Another report from the Gotham Awards via the Examiner:

    As always, he thanked his stunning wife, Luciana Barroso, along with his children. During the award ceremony, Luciana was busy "playing Mom for the table" as described by onlookers. "She was busy pouring champagne for everyone, making sure everyone had what they needed". Guess Matt is a lucky man? Matt's moving speech concluded by saying "I have never taken this industry for granted and I never will... I'm truly blessed."

    Another person John seemed to adore was Matt Damon, as he presented him with the male "Tribute" award. Praising Matt as one of his most beloved icons, the funny-man actor went on to say that "he is so infatuated with him, his children would be frightened if they knew how much." Emily scored an IFP Gotham Independent Film Award before the glowing duo headed out to celebrate.

  • A recent interview with John Krasinski is at USA Today:

    "One of the best parts of the movie is that Matt had never been able to play this kind of part," Krasinski said, speaking at a Details magazine party honoring Hollywood mavericks Thursday. "He's a a self-loathing, broken and problematic character. We haven't seen this."

    "I'm so excited for people to see Matt play this role, which has a lot of faults and a lot of problems," says Krasinski. "His character is trying to figure out his place in life. (Damon) has always wanted to play those parts."

  • Photographer Greg Williams talks about his favorite photos of Matt on his blog.
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