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Brothers Grimm poster, Doug Liman

  • The official poster for Brothers Grimm has finally been released, and it confirms the new release date of 26 August. A large version is here, and a smaller version is below. Thanks to a reader.

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  • An amazing article, in which everyone seems to attack Bourne Identity director Doug Liman on the record, is at the LA Times - here's an excerpt referring to Bourne 1:

    When the film was finished, the studio expected the worst. Screenwriter Tony Gilroy, according to a source with firsthand knowledge, actually arbitrated against himself with the Writers Guild so that he wouldn't have to take sole credit for the film.

    As it turned out, the picture was a huge hit. Liman says the film's success was due to a successful collaboration between him and star Matt Damon, who did not comment for this article. When it came to making the second film, Marshall, Crowley and screenwriter Gilroy refused to participate if Liman were to be involved. Liman appealed to Damon to support him. Damon said he'd work with Liman if Marshall and the others went along. They would not. Liman had no involvement with the second film, though he was contractually entitled to executive producer credit.
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