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Matt Damon News Column
Premiere photos
  • More photos of Matt, Lucy and John at the premiere are below. A report from the premiere is at People.

    By blending their Christmas traditions, the holidays pay off in a big way for Matt Damon and Luciana‘s daughters.

    “We do the Latin American Christmas Eve gift opening and we do the American Christmas morning gift opening,” the Promised Land actor, 42, told PEOPLE during the film’s premiere on Thursday in Los Angeles.

    “We have this weird fusion for Christmas, but I think it just means more gifts for the kids, so they’re into it.”

    But aside from the present palooza, Damon’s holiday plans don’t include much more than laying low with his family, including Alexia, 14, Isabella, 6, Gia, 4, and Stella, 2.

    “I’m just going to hang out with my kids,” he says. “We’ve been on the Promised Land train a little bit for the last week or so, and we’re looking forward to just settling down.”
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