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  • An interview with Matt, John and Gus on The Charlie Rose Show is available here.

  • A new interview is at the Chicago Sun-Times:

    When you’re Matt Damon, everything in life is extra large. He tells a story about being on location with no car and a rumbling stomach.

    “I walked over to the local Pizza Hut in this small town with another actor and we ordered the Meat Lover’s Pizza,” he says.

    Of course, being a star means that you get a little “extra.”

    “It came with about a mile of meat on it. One bite and it was like we ate an entire hamburger,” Damon marvels.

    Krasinski explains, “My wife Emily [Blunt] worked with Matt [on ‘The Adjustment Bureau’] and we became couple friends. We talked about writing a movie together and I went to his house. He had me changing diapers between writing scenes.”

    Being at the Damon house isn’t for the faint of heart.

    “I didn’t make him do diapers,” Damon insists. “But he definitely had kids crawling all over him. If you walked into the room at the time, you wouldn’t believe that anyone could write a script this way.”

    Their process wasn’t exactly easy.

    “We would write and then you take little breaks when a kid would run in. You would give someone a horsey ride and then put the child down, pick up a pen and say, ‘Oh, I know the next line for this script.’

    “It was a very fluid process,” he says, adding, “We’d write on those weekends and then go back to our day jobs, but still mark up the margins. We were ready five days later for another Saturday morning session.”

    “Our wives were like, ‘You better have gotten something done on that script today,’ ” Krasinski says. “We heard, ‘Don’t tell us, you just hung out for 10 hours having dude time.’"

    “Ben’s doing just fine,” Krasinski says of the “Argo” director. “If that’s a bromance, I’m the mistress.

    “Of course, I don’t want to be there when it all hits the fan,” he insists. “I don’t want to see Ben storming in here saying, ‘What have you done with my man?’"

  • Another interview is at the Mirror:

    Do you have the same “giddiness” you had when you first began your acting career and how has your outlook changed?
    Matt: I really love working. My life is different from 15 years ago, but my love of doing this hasn’t changed at all and I feel equally giddy to go to work and feel unbelievably lucky to work with people like (Steven) Soderbergh or Clint (Eastwood), or Paul Greengrass. I’ve become more convinced 15 years later that it’s a director’s medium and the most important choice is the director. I use to think script, director, and role and I do look at the role, and do I have something to bring to it, but it’s really for me about working with the director. A great director can make a mediocre script into a great film, but a bad director will make a great script into a mediocre film.

    You’re married to a woman (Luciana Barroso) from a different culture. Does it effect how you celebrate the holidays?
    Matt: A big difference is they celebrate Christmas Eve and we celebrate Christmas Day and so we have this bizarre Christmas fusion where the kids open a bunch of presents after dinner on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas morning. We’re basically working it out, but it’s a win win for the kids (laughter). When I met my wife I was like Christmas Eve, what are you crazy? Who wants to get up on Christmas morning? What do we tell the kids – that Santa Claus came while we were having dinner? (laughter) And what does that teach them? This guy is working his ass off flying around the world and we don’t even invite him to sit down and eat with us? (laughter) That’s not a good lesson.

  • Coming Soon and Variety on the reaction to Promised Land:

    Coming Soon
    24. Promised Land (Focus Features) - Apparently I'm in the minority liking this movie written by Matt Damon and John Krasinski and directed by Gus Van Sant looking at how corporations take advantage of small townsfolk, but it's not really the politics of "fracking" that I cared about as much as the simplicity of the storytelling and the interplay between the small cast that includes Hal Holbrook and Rosemarie DeWitt. This could have easily been a movie like The Informant!, which Damon made with Steven Soderbergh, but was just too strange to be enjoyable.

    Strangely, there isn't an Oscar specifically for making a movie centered on fracking into resonant mainstream entertainment, so "Promised Land" will have to settle for competing in the conventional Academy Awards. Director Gus Van Sant and screenwriter-actors Matt Damon and John Krasinski (along with Hal Holbrook, five years removed from his "Into the Wild" supporting actor nom) delivered intelligent, nuanced and emotional work.

  • Photos of Matt and family arriving back in New York last Friday are at the Daily Mail.
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