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Promised Land

  • More interviews are at the OC Register, Daily Beast, Collider, Coming Soon, Boston Herald and We are movie geeks, including:

    We are movie geeks
    Do you double date a lot?
    JK: Yes we do. They are really fun double dating… You know, ironically, one of the things we’ve done a whole lot is karaoke. (Laughs) You wouldn’t know, because I didn’t get any better for the movie, but… That’s the best part about writing the script, or writing the stage directions is like “Dustin is horrible at karaoke.” and I was like “Now that that’s in there, I’m safe! I can do whatever I want”.
    What’s your go-to?
    JK: My go-to is Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero”. (Laughs) You’re welcome America! Get ready to not be excited!
    What about Emily (Blunt) and Matt (Damon)?
    JK: Matt hits some Springsteen… a lot of the time. Matt and I have also duetted with “The Gambler”. (Laughs) Yeah, Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”. Bet you didn’t know it was a duet? But we made it into a duet, and it was one of those things where it was like “Oh, you’re getting that? Ok, fine. You can have that verse and I’ll have the other one.” It’s like, you’re fighting for the better verse. Again, it’s so exciting because in the moment it’s like ” We sound amazing!”. Thank god those are tiny rooms in the basements of buildings in the East Village, otherwise it would be really embarrassing.
    You know, you could take this on the road and make money… and finance your next film with it…
    JK: I don’t think we could finance a lunch with it! (Laughs) But hell, I’d give it a shot!

    Boston Herald
    Damon wrote “Land” with Krasinski on weekends at his rented house in Los Angeles while filming another movie. Krasinski joked how no one would guess they were really working with his daughters running around.

    “I am a terrible multitasker, always have been,” Damon said with a smile. “I’m really good when I can focus on one thing at a time, and having these four kids has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

    “At the same time, John’s right — it was unbelievably challenging. If you walked into that room you would say, ‘There’s no way there’s work being done’ — these kids are climbing all over John. But I’ve gotten better at just managing my time and concentrating in bursts.”

    Asked if he ever thinks of leaving acting for something completely different, “My work is a big part of who I am,” he answered. “I’d say there’s too much other stuff I still want to do.”

  • An interview with Sharlto Copley, and the first photo of his character in Elysium, is at Empire.

  • A NY sighting of Matt and Lucy at 'The Box' on 20 December is at People.

  • Matt discussed his New Year's resolution at the Inquirer:

    Matt Damon: “My resolutions tend to be more about just thinking about my wife and the kids and just trying to do a better job on the home front. They tend to not be so specific. I gave up smoking a long time ago. I work hard. I don’t really have too many bad habits yet that I can give up. Whatever I have left, I don’t want to give it up. So it’s more about making sure that I’m a good person around the house.”
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