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Jimmy Kimmel, House of Lies

  • Matt will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on 24 January. Details are available at EW and the Hollywood Reporter:

    Set your DVRs: Matt Damon will finally submit to an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Jan. 24. And “may God help Damon if he dares show his stupid face,” Kimmel said in a statement.

    Kimmel largely kept mum on what he has planned for the new slot -- of which he joked he had been begging ABC brass for since he started at the network a decade ago -- except to say that his faux-enemy Matt Damon would be coming on the show Jan. 24. He hinted that the pair has “something fun” planned but stopped short of sharing details.

    In making the announcement, Kimmel said he had no intention of altering his nightly signoff, in which he apologizes to Damon for running out of time. “We'll keep doing the same nonsense,” he added of a tradition that began during Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s first season. “Matt is almost a good-luck charm for us.”

  • Matt's upcoming appearance on House of Lies was announced at the TCA's - from Zap2it:

    The sharks of Galweather & Stern will be taking on a celebrity client on"House of Lies" this season: Matt Damon.

    Damon will play himself in an episode of the Showtime series this winter, Showtime Entertainment president David Nevins announced Saturday (Jan. 12) at the TCA winter press tour. The guest spot will reunite Damon with his "Ocean's 11" co-star Don Cheadle.

    In the episode, Damon will seek the help of Marty (Cheadle) and his team in setting up a charitable foundation. It's for a good cause and all, but what he really wants to do is one-upGeorge Clooney.

  • From an interview with producer Chris Moore at Yes magazine:

    Moore: Matt plays the "everyman" that I think America, and even the world, really likes and believes in. I think Matt is as close to somebody like Jimmy Stewart as we have right now. You think of some of Stewart’s movies, like It's a Wonderful Life or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. There's this desire for the world to be what we all think it can be. I wanted to make a movie like that. And I think Matt is, right now, one of the movie stars in the best position to play a character like that.

    Korten : Chris, what is next for you?
    Moore: You know the movie we did with Howard Zinn, The People Speak? Others are finding the format [of actors speaking roles of figures in historical times] works for portraying their own “people’s histories. Last year, we did The People Speak: United Kingdom with Colin Firth, Keira Knightly, and others. In December The People Speak: Australia came out. We are doing The People Speak: Italy. Now we're doing one with the History Channel, The People Speak: Civil War. They felt, and we agree, that there's a side of the Civil War that nobody's ever seen. We’re doing another one on economic justice. These last two will hopefully be out by the fall to be useful for teachers.

  • David Denby's positive review of Promised Land is at the New Yorker, including:

    In Gus Van Sant’s heartfelt and clear-minded “Promised Land,” Steve (Matt Damon) and his colleague Sue (Frances McDormand), two outsiders—interlopers might be a better word—arrive in a rural Pennsylvania town.

    “Promised Land,” which was written by Matt Damon and the actor John Krasinski (with initial help from Dave Eggers), offers observations on something not often seen in movies—the contrasting morality between caring desperately about your work and simply doing it competently and collecting a paycheck. The movie makes the case for both. This is one of Damon’s best regular-guy performances. Van Sant sets the film in an ordinary country town, with trees and ponds, fields and horses. It’s beautiful, but no more so than thousands of other towns across America, and that’s the point: where do we stop giving up the commonplace riches of the country?

  • A quote from actor James McAvoy in Total Film magazine:

    “I’m not too worried about typecasting at the moment.” He shrugs when we raise his nice-guy image. “Matt Damon’s managed to make an entire career out of it and he’s fucking brilliant.”

  • A photo of Matt and Lucy supporting an animal charity project in Miami is at this site.
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