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Brothers Grimm, brother Kyle

  • Hollywood Reporter columnist Anne Thompson discusses the Brothers Grimm preview here:

    It was also why Miramax returned to Cannes with more footage from Terry Gilliam's period adventure The Brothers Grimm in order to allay fears that the much-delayed movie was in trouble. The story of two bumbling exorcists (Heath Ledger and Matt Damon) battling to save an enchanted village from an evil witch (Monica Bellucci) looks witty, sexy and truly scary.

  • Moriarty at AICN comments on 35 upcoming films, including Grimm, The Departed and Syriana.

  • Matt's brother Kyle has a website showcasing his sculptures and designs at

  • The "Got nuts" t-shirt worn by Matt and Ben is from Kowboys, and part of a range promoted online as the Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Players Collection by Kowboys. More details and photos are available here or here.
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