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SBFF reports

  • Reports on the Santa Barbara Film Festival event are at the LA Times and the VC Star. Higher quality video of Matt's award presentation is available here, and photos of the event are at PopSugar.

    LA Times
    "We're still a long shot," Affleck said, his underdog sentiments clashing with the words of his old friend Matt Damon, who presented Affleck with the Modern Master award, saying, "No one's going to be surprised if ['Argo'] wins the Oscar for best picture."

    Receiving the weighty trophy, Affleck spent several minutes extolling Damon's "genius," prompting Damon to crack at one point, "Who's getting the award?"

    "I was just feeling really grateful about Matt's speech," Affleck said a bit sheepishly afterward. "His friendship and support have meant a lot. I wouldn't be here without him."

    VC Star
    Damon, whom he has known about 30 years, flew into town to present Affleck with his award and naturally couldn't resist a few digs.

    "So-o-o ... a modern master ... Ok-a-a-y," Damon said with delicious hesitation as the crowd giggled.
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