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  • Steven Soderbergh talks about his favorite costume in Behind the Candelabra at Details:

    DETAILS: Your last last film, (non-theatrical) is Liberace for HBO (starring Matt Damon). I'm sure the costumes were fabulous. Was there a specific outfit though that really stands out?

    STEVEN SODERBERGH: OH MY GOD. Everyday there was a costume that made you gasp. Matt had this one outfit that he wears in the film that is this sheer top, unbuttoned, with a male bikini with sequins all over it... climaxing sort of, in the right place. They spread out but get more dense at, sort of, the "action point." He happens to be wearing this ensemble when he's really upset and storms through the house—complete with big sunglasses and flip-flops. You see him and just think, "Wow. That's really brave." I have a great picture of him in it standing next to a Christmas tree.

  • Tickets for Matt's Harvard Arts Medal presentation on 25 April are now available - details here.

    Actor, writer, producer, and humanitarian Matt Damon is the recipient of the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal, which will be awarded by Harvard President Drew Faust at a ceremony on April 25 at 4 p.m. at Sanders Theatre.

    The ceremony, presented by the Office for the Arts at Harvard and the Board of Overseers, will include a discussion with Damon on his life and career, moderated by his fellow actor John Lithgow ’67, who will host the event. This is the official opening event for Arts First, Harvard’s annual festival showcasing student creativity in the arts.

    For ticket information, visit or call 617.496.2222.

  • A comment from Jimmy Kimmel about Matt's recent appearance from

    His show has been a huge success with a whole new generation of late-night viewers. Some attribute that success to his social media savvy. Consider a lone tweet on the afternoon of Jan. 24 promoting a strange takeover by his so-called “nemesis” Matt Damon.

    With very little promotion, the power of social media took off from there. The result? The Matt Damon episode was the highest rated "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 10 years. Not bad for a host who was bound, gagged, and didn't say a word for the entire show.

    “Oh yeah, it’s bad that on our most successful show, I remained completely silent and immobile through the whole thing,” Kimmel said holding back a laugh. “I think this show would probably be better without me.”

  • This interview (presumably legit) in the Russian Esquire has a few new quotes.
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