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Grimm update, Departed set pics

  • An update on the progress of Brothers Grimm from Terry Gilliam at Empire Online:

    So what stage have the two reached? "Tideland is done. We finally finished that one, and we're actually finishing Grimm right now – we're in the dubbing theatres. So by the end of another two weeks, I'm a free man! And then we have to start selling the things. But I haven't had a film out since 1998, so it was about time I did something!"

    And first up is The Brothers Grimm, which has gathered lots of positive buzz since the screening of 20 minutes of footage at this year's Cannes. "Well, 20 minutes is really good - the rest of it's crap! (laughs) Matt and Heath are totally convincing as brothers. They got on incredibly well, and hit it off. I didn't have to control them on set. They do all the work – I just have to nod occasionally, and pretend to know what I'm doing (laughs)."

    "I basically cast them against type. Heath could be the cool, romantic lead, and Matt the introspective one, but I had it as the opposite. Matt plays the womanizer and hustler, and Heath plays the sensitive, romantic, neurotic character. It was really nice to watch them being completely different than they normally are."

  • Heath visited Matt on the set of The Departed yesterday - watermarked pics of Matt from Isifa (below) and pics of Heath are at WENN.

    Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

  • Actor Gerald McSorley has been replaced on the cast list of The Departed after four days of filming, possibly by Martin Sheen. Details from

    Gerard McSorley, who starred in major Irish movies including In The Name of the Father, Veronica Guerin, Bloody Sunday and Omagh, expressed surprise this week after he was told that he was no longer down to play a senior police officer in the movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson.

    McSorley was sent home to Dublin after four days of filming while speculation mounts that he may be replaced by Martin Sheen.

    The Departed explores the lives of two police officers in south Boston. One, played by DiCaprio, goes undercover in an Irish American gang, while another, played by Damon, is a highway officer who gets corrupted by the same gang.
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