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Berlin premiere

  • Matt, John Krasinski and Gus Van Sant attended a snowy Berlin Film Festival premiere of Promised Land on Friday. Reports from the press conference and interviews are at Indiewire, Yahoo. Le Figaro, RP Online ("A fine fellow") and Deadline. Photos are at Yahoo, Stern, Red Carpet Hell and PopSugar. Photos of Matt's dinner with George Clooney on Wednesday are at PopSugar

    As for “Promised Land,” Damon admitted that the film had not done well in the U.S., but that he and co-writer John Krasinski and director Gus Van Sant still believed in it, and wouldn’t change it. He remains hopeful: "I've had movies bomb worse than this one and then actually make their money back." He suggested that time may tell, in terms of both finances and the film’s reception. “We’ll probably know more in ten or fifteen years.”

  • More comments by Steven Soderbergh about Behind the Candelabra are at Collider and Indiewire, including confirmation it will be broadcast on HBO in late May, and that the running time is just under two hours.

    So I guess it ends with 'Candelabra' this summer. People are likely expecting a funny, campy thing.
    Soderbergh: Yeah it's not. There's funny stuff in it but it's very emotional and I think they'll be surprised at where it lands. It certainly surprised me when I read the book the way the book landed.The tone is very reality-based, it's just a crazy environment they are in, but halfway through the movie you kind of forget the whole gay thing because it’s just the same conversations everybody has. It's just they’re wearing really crazy clothes.

    It must be nice to end it all with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas again.
    Yeah, it really felt like we got the band back together and really it was fun to do. It was harder for them than it was for me in the sense that they both at certain points had to spend a lot of time in the makeup chair and there wasn't a very long schedule so the page counts could be high on certain days. In the case of Michael there was a lot of rehearsal for all of the music stuff. It was a brief but very intense period but it was really fun.

    Are we going to see this at Cannes?
    I don't know, I hope so, that would be great. But they don't announce that stuff until like March or April. We’ll see it here in May, the end of May.

    Your next film, if you will, is with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon all of us are very excited about, we all want to see it, what is the length of that one?
    SODERBERGH: It’s like 1:50; it’s under 2:00.

    What was it like making that story?
    SODERBERGH: Fun, really fun, because it had a lot of meaning for all of us by the time it happened because it was Michael and Matt, it was for whatever period of time it’s the last thing that I’m going to do and we had to postpone it because Michael got sick. So getting to do it meant a lot by the time we got there and so it was really fun. The good thing, as stupid as it sounds to talk about, whatever this break is that I’m on, it was great knowing that that was the last one for a while because I really appreciated everything about it every day, in a way that you never would if you had something coming up nine months later. I really was able to kind of- you know, the people that I work with are my crew, like Greg Jacobs, I got an opportunity to know like this is the last time that I’m going to see these people for a while. That made it nice, to know that instead of suddenly you just disappear and everybody’s like, “what happened?” I was able to express my appreciation to people because I knew this was going to be it for a while.
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