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Naeem Khan runway show

  • Matt and Lucy attended Naeem Khan's show at Fashion Week with friend Michele Merkin. Reports are at USA Today, Yahoo Shine, New York magazine, the Daily Mail and WWD. Photos are at PopSugar, GossipCenter, Zimbio and WENN. A comment from Naeem Khan's Facebook page is below.

    Naeem Khan Facebook
    We were so honored to have the very sweet Matt Damon attend our show for the second time with his lovely wife, Lucy - love this coverage from New York Magazine.

    NY Magazine (Fug Girls)
    And then, quietly and with no fanfare or packs of security guards, the third time became the proverbial charm: Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, emerged from backstage, casually, as if they were out to brunch. While everyone tried not to lose their minds, he immediately signed a little girl’s copy of The Daily and posed for a photo with her, then sat back and looked completely relaxed, resting his hand gently on his wife’s knee — a knee, we must note, that was clad in some really, really good leather pants (not that you’d expect Mrs. Matt Damon to have really, really mediocre leather pants). Barroso, per usual, seemed completely calm despite the maelstrom around her and her husband.

    “She is way cooler than most people,” Damon affirmed to us. “Including her husband.” Damon seemed to have a great time at the show, mouthing complimentary things about the dresses coming down the runway and constantly pointing stuff out to his wife that he liked. Not that it matters: “My fashion opinion gets easily overruled in our house, really,” he said. “By everyone. Including my 2-year old.”

    And if your burning query is why, therefore, Matt Damon was attending a fashion show full of very sparkly evening gowns and the occasional caftan, none of which would flatter his figure, the answer is that they’re friends with Khan — although we asked if we can instead ascribe it to him being a noted womenswear enthusiast: “Nah. Well, yes, you could, because that would be very funny.” Done. And now that we’re clearly best friends with Noted Womenswear Enthusiast Matt Damon, we can go about chasing our other Fashion Week white whale: Joan Collins.

    USA Today
    That was Matt Damon's stunned response to one of the intricate, spectacular beaded gold gowns shown by Naeem Khan on Tuesday. Damon and his wife, Lucy, are pals with Khan and sat front row, along with Taraji P. Henson and Vanessa Hudgens.

    Yahoo Shine
    We saw quite the mix of celebrities today. Katherine Heigl, Jada Pinkett Smith, Vanessa Hudgens, Selita Ebanks, Alexa Ray Joel, Christine Baranski, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, and Morgan Saylor (who plays the daughter on "Homeland") to name a few. But we had the ultimate sighting backstage at the Naeem Khan show. Matt Damon! OK, so he was doing an interview with E!, but he was looking straight into our eyes as we snapped this photo. What was he doing at fashion week??? Apparently a big fan of the Naeem Khan. "I've learned a little bit about fashion through him," said Damon. "It's interesting. His clothes are like an expression of him. He's really elegant and that comes out in the stuff he makes, too. It's just really wonderful. And nobody's ever made my wife look more beautiful." Aww.

    I’M SEATING MATT DAMON: Matt Damon is hardly the front row fixture, so when the actor turned up squiring his beautiful wife, Luciana, to Naeem Khan’s Lincoln Center runway show on Tuesday afternoon, it caused quite a stir. “Matt! You’re at a fashion show!” one baffled photographer exclaimed between snaps. “Yeah, that’d be pretty bad if I didn’t know that,” the actor replied. Moments later, a particularly nervy (and adorable) eight-year-old girl approached the actor for an autograph and picture, to which Damon accommodated without hesitation. “Aw!” a p.r. girl squealed. “That just melted my heart.”

  • There's a new promotion for at their website, outlined at LA Times and The Guardian, including:

    Damon and his collaborators hope their "strike with me" campaign will ignite the internet and pressure Washington to revive the stalled Water for the World Act, which would increase funding for projects in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

    The star is most popular with women aged 34-45, not a group which drives YouTube hits.

  • Columnist Liz Smith on Matt's performance on House of Lies -here.
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