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Behind the Candelabra

  • Actor Paul Reiser talks about Behind the Candelabra at Front Row:

    FR: What was it like working with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas?
    Paul Reiser: You know what? It was very cool. I had a very small part and I only worked with them for a couple of days, but long enough to realize that those guys are really, really good. There’s a reason these guys are movie stars. They’re just terrific. It’s a very different movie, it’s a role you’ve never seen them be. Michael Douglas plays Liberace and Matt Damon is his pal, his paramour, and I play Matt’s lawyer. So it was just a couple of days of hanging around this conference room, doing legal stuff, and shooting the bull with these guys. Between them is a lot of great stories, and Dan Akroyd was in this room and those guys have stories. I could have done that for a month and just sat there. Even better than the Yankee stadium hot dog vendor. That was a good job.

  • Monuments Men is now filming in Germany. Jean Dujardin will be working for a total of 15 days in April, as reported at Clooneys Open House. Bob Balaban is updating his Twitter regularly from Berlin at this link.

  • Matt and Lucy are planning a wedding celebration in April, which marks the 10th anniversary of when they first met. The story was first reported at the New York Post and confirmed at People. Hollywood Life claims to have additional details. Newspapers in Argentina claim the celebration will be held there, while other 'insiders' claim it will be held in Miami. A video story from Splash with some new footage is at Yahoo.
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