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Departed update, pics

  • Anthony Anderson talked about the progress of filming on The Departed here, including an excerpt below. An article about a Boston filming location is here.

    "My first few weeks on the set." Anderson says, "were working with Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. It was just great."

    Asked to compare working on "The Shield" with working with Scorsese, Anderson laughs. "It's apples and bigger apples. I was so overwhelmed day one on 'The Departed.' I've been asked this question a lot, am I nervous, because of that cast and Mr. Scorsese. When you have a cast like that, I'm excited more than anything. I'm going to take my game to a different level, playing with the players I'm playing with now."

    "It's like, man, I'm there with Marty every day, just sitting and talking with him. And we wrap at five-thirty, six o'clock every day. On top of that, with this bizarre schedule on 'The Departed,' we're ahead of schedule, and we're making our days."

  • Another pic from the set is below with a photo of Matt at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino last week.

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