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  • Photos from the set of Monuments Men in Berlin, including Cate Blanchett in character, are at WENN (no photos of Matt).

  • Comedian Tom Papa discusses working on Behind the Candelabra:

    What's it like going from stand up to being in movies with top actors like Matt Damon?
    It's pretty great. It's really awesome. I would love to do more of it, and I'm really comfortable doing it. It's almost like, the [part] I did in Liberace: Behind the Candelabra, we shot it all summer long, it felt like comedians going away to movie camp. All of a sudden I'm with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas and Dan Akroyd and we're just acting and taking direction from Soderbergh.

    It really is work, but it's not like stand up work. Stand up you have to write every single day, there's a lot more personally you have to put into it. Especially, Michael Douglas, he was working a lot harder on that film than I was. It's a blast. The short answer is, it's a real blast. And it feels like it is a gift from working so hard in stand up.

  • Actor Michael Shanks discusses Elysium.
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