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Elysium, various

  • Actor William Fichtner discussed Elysium at Aint-it-cool-news and Starpulse, including:

    William Fichtner: Let me tell you something. I had to do a little ADR (additional dialogue recording) on Elysium… I can’t really tell you what it is, but I had an out loud vocal reaction of how freakin’ cool it was.

    You know how there are no new things? There’s no new war movie, there’s war movies. Over time stuff like The Deer Hunter and Platoon ups it. All of a sudden somebody presents it to you in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s a new bar, a new mark of definitively telling you what something is. In the clips I saw from Elysium I felt like it did that. It really felt like I never saw that movie. It redefined something.

  • Debbie Reynolds discussed Behind the Candelabra at NPR:

    If you want to see more of Debbie Reynolds, she's playing pianist Liberace's mother in a new biopic coming to HBO in May — Michael Douglas stars as the flamboyant musician and Matt Damon as his lover. "I'm working all the time; I've never stopped working," she says. "This is a really good picture. They dwell a lot on sex, which I didn't love, but it is part of any single man's life. But he was a great entertainer, great pianist, good friend and a wonderful person, and I enjoyed playing his mother," complete with Polish accent, "because I knew her in person, in life, and I put a prosthetic nose on so I could look just like her. I think everyone'll enjoy it. Just close your eyes at some scenes that are kinda sexy."

  • The foreword Matt wrote for The B.A.A. at 125: The Official History of the Boston Athletic Association, 1887-2012 is reprinted at the Boston Globe, including:

    Boston is a sports town. Admittedly, there are those who suggest that we natives take our sports a bit too seriously, but rarely do these critics hail from Boston. Some of my most vivid childhood sports memories took form in the early 1980s at Fenway Park, the Boston Garden, and by the side of the road near the fire station on Commonwealth Avenue in Newton.

    My brother also fell victim to the Boston Marathon’s seduction. With me serving as water boy, Kyle earned his spot in the Hopkinton corrals at the Las Vegas Marathon in February 2000. Then in April, in a cathartic reenactment of our Comm. Ave. exploits of exactly 20 years prior, he positioned his two boys at the same spot where we rooted on our dad. The drama was enough to propel my brother to literally follow our dad’s footsteps and also run the race four times. To this day both my father and brother have their bib numbers archived with their most prized possessions and describe their experiences as some of the most emotional moments of their lives.
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