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Behind the Candelabra confirmed for Cannes

  • The Cannes Film Festival Twitter has officially confirmed that Behind the Candelabra will premiere at the Festival. The film will get a cinema release in the UK from 14 June.

    Cannes Film Festival ‏@CannesCoverage
    Steven Soderbergh's Liberace biopic starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas will premiere at #Cannes2013

  • The Emmys have removed the Best Supporting Actor category - from The Wrap:

    This year, the consolidation means that Jeffrey Tambor, Chiwetel Ejiofor or any other actor hoping for a nomination for HBO's "Phil Spector," for instance, will have to go head-to-head with Al Pacino's starring performance, and that "Behind the Candelabra" co-stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will compete against each other rather than one of them (presumably Damon) being able to shift to supporting.

  • Ben Affleck discussed Behind the Candelabra at E Online:

    Remember, Damon does refer to Affleck as his "hetero life mate."

    "I saw Behind the Candelabra," Affleck said last night. "I don't know about the hetero part anymore."

    Candelabra, directed by steven soderbergh, is the real-life story of Liberace and his very tumultuous relationship his much younger lover Scott Thorson.

    "I've seen it," Affleck said. "It's spectacular to see. Matt is amazing. Michael Douglas is amazing. [Steven] Soderbergh's brilliant."
    While the film is "light" and "fun," Affleck said, "It's also quite resonate. It was cool, it’s a good movie.”

  • A new interview with Matt, promoting Promised Land in Europe, is at MetroFrance, and is part of an upcoming TV interview. Thanks to for the link, and also for a link to an upcoming Spanish interview.

    Matt talking about Monuments Men
    "A great cast! It's going to be an awesome movie!"
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