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  • Behind the Candelabra has received great reviews, including those at the New Yorker, New Republic, the AV Club and Vulture. Michael Douglas at the Graham Norton show and following the Q&A screening discussed how the cast and crew were touched by the reception in Cannes where everyone involved received some of best reviews of their careers.

  • Quotes from an interview with Rob Lowe at Huffington Post:

    Question: As an actor, that's a big part of your toolbox -- the facial expressions that you're able to work with. So was having with these limitations inhibiting? How did you work around that?

    Lowe: No, it actually was more freeing. Although his face is definitely frozen, I was able to find ways to look that just made Matt laugh. There's a scene where [Scott] comes to me -- he wants to have something additional done. The scene ends, and we are just literally making faces. I mean, that’s what I love about Steven. When I saw [the film,] I thought, "I can’t believe he not only put some of that in, but he underlined it." I mean, that scene just ends in the middle of us making faces. But it made Steve laugh and it made Matt laugh.

    Matt wouldn’t even look at me. He really wouldn’t. He got the point where he would look at his feet while he acted with me. And we had a parlor game of who I reminded people of.

  • Matt discussed the age difference here:

    In the beginning, Scott is 17, which Damon acknowledges is a stretch.

    “Seventeen's way out of my range,” Damon says, shaking his head and laughing. “And I said that to Steven (Soderbergh, the director). ‘This is ridiculous!' I am 42.”

  • A fun interview with Matt, Michael and Jerry Weintraub is at Extra. Matt talked about leaving Cannes to do a day's work on Monuments Men in Germany before returning to Cannes for the premiere at Yahoo. Filming for Monuments Men will resume shortly in the UK.

  • An old photo of Matt and Lucy from the Guns'n'Roses concert in February 2012 from Elle.

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