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Grimm trailer, filming begins in Boston

  • The Brothers Grimm trailer may be previewed on ET today. The only clip currently on the show's website is the one from a few years back of Matt and Heath on location talking about the film.

  • From the Boston Herald:

    Damon shines among ‘The Departed’ arrivals

    Free Image Hosting at Shooting began in Boston yesterday on Martin Scorsese's Irish gangster flick "The Departed," with Cambridge homey Matt Damon and Hollywood heavy Alec Baldwin filming a scene near Government Center.

    Damon plays a Southie cop who is in bed with an Irish crime lord played by Jack Nicholson in the flick. Baldwin's character is Damon's superior in the organized crime unit.

    The two stars and Scorsese spent most of the broiling-hot day - the first day of an expected three-week shoot - on location near Staniford Street. The flick also stars Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg, all of whom are expected to make the scene over the next three weeks.

    But the bulk of the filming for "The Departed" is being done in New York because that state has enacted tax incentives for filmmakers that Massachusetts still lacks. Yesterday, the Mass. Film Bureau revealed that another big-budget production it had courted was lost.

  • The Boston Herald's photo caption:

    Matt Damon shakes hands with one of Boston’s finest yesterday as Hub shooting began on Martin Scorsese’s Irish gangster flick 'The Departed.' (Staff photo by Tim Correira)

  • Photos of Matt on the set in Boston are at the following blog: Lolita Parker, Jr.

  • A sighting from the NY Post:

    Matt Damon, Eva Mendes, David Byrne, Nas and Kelis grooving to Sri Lankan songbird MIA at S.O.B.'s.
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