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Elysium promotion in Berlin

  • Following the London press junket for Elysium, Matt continued to promote the film in Berlin on Sunday with Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley. The group visited the offices of the newspaper Bild, with photos, an interview and video available here and here.

    A promotional tour which is like a marathon. Damon: "If I promote a new film, then I will give 96 interviews per day. The journalists change every four minutes."

    A special honor for the BILD editorial team, because Damon spent about an hour in publishing. And felt quite comfortable. A joke here, a smile there.

    BILD: Here you filmed the "Bourne" trilogy turned and now with George Clooney a thriller. What do you like about Germany?
    He laughs with a deep voice: "You have great playgrounds - and no one ever wants to sell you something. My family (4 daughters) visited me. My wife was thrilled, because Germany is a very child-friendly country!"

    BILD: How's Matt Damon as a father?
    Damon: "I have a bad conscience. I live with five women - and without a nanny. I promised my wife Lucy, I'm making the rest of the year a holiday for them. My family is the most important thing in my life."

  • An interview with Scott Bakula is at A&U magazine, via Scott Bakula Fan Forum. He describes co-stars in a few words, including Matt:

    Scott Bakula describes Matt:
    Too much fun, too much talent.
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