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Esquire, Monuments Men

  • The Esquire article (excerpt only) and additional photos and captions by photographer Max Vadukul are now available online. The photos and some tabloid-worthy highlights are at Just Jared and the Daily Mail. Scans of the article are available via Netpage.

  • From an interview with Michael Douglas:

    Michael said Catherine wasn’t on the set when he and Matt kissed in a scene. Laughing, he said, “But on the day that Matt came out of the pool in his Speedo little thing and he came over and gave me a big kiss and I grabbed his butt, his mother was on the set. So before we started rolling, Matt said, ‘Mom, I’m sorry, mom.’ She said, ‘Oh honey, that’s OK.’”

  • From an interview with actor Daniel Sunjata at the New York Post:

    But despite what is, in a sense, a public searching, Sunjata keeps many aspects of his life private, confessing a desire to be seen as boring in order to retain that privacy.

    “Every example I’ve seen of people who invite the world into their private lives doesn’t end well, [because] once you invite them in, you can’t ask them to leave,” he says. “Matt Damon was asked in an interview how he managed to stay out of the tabloids, and he said, ‘I perfected the art of being really boring.’ He spends a lot of time at home, and I don’t know what the guy likes to do. The fact that he’s a huge movie star and I don’t know much about him gives me hope.”

  • George Clooney discussed Monuments Men prior to filming in an interview at The Australian magazine:

    What's the tone of Monuments Men?
    We sort of want it to be a little more of a caper film. There's some really funny things in it. But it's still a very dramatic storyline because you're risking a lot and losing your life to save art, which is an odd thing to do. We want it to feel like The Great Escape and A Bridge Too Far and all those kinds of films that I loved and grew up with in the 60s and 70s. It's that vibe, with maybe a little more humor in it.
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