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Matt Damon News Column
Emmy nomination
  • Matt and Michael Douglas both received nominations for lead actor in a mini series or movie for Behind the Candelabra. Behind the Candelabra received a total of 15 nominations, including Best Mini-Series or Movie, Best Director for Steven Soderbergh, and Best Supporting Actor for Scott Bakula (not Rob Lowe). Jimmy Kimmel Live received four nominations, including Best Variety Series.
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    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 18th, 2013 02:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Emmys, Fincher

    I admit to being a little relieved that Matt got nominated, he was so brilliant but is seemingly perennially overlooked for awards. And Scott Bakula? Would not have called that. I'm glad it wasn't Lowe - that was all about the make-up, but I would have thought Dan Ackroyd or Debbie Retnolds had a better shot. Everyone in it was wonderful, though. And Bakula seems like a really nice guy.

    Here's hoping the Kimmel show wins, because they're sure to work up a great bit with Matt for the telecast.

    Interesting about Fincher, Matt and 20,000. Would LOVE to see Matt work with Fincher at some point, but not sorry to see that one slide by. Weren't they talking about doing an Elliot Ness bio together some time ago?
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 18th, 2013 09:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Emmys, Fincher

    Agreed about Scott Bakula for the same reasons - he seems like a great guy and was very supportive of the project.

    Matt and David Fincher were in talks for Torso, the Elliot Ness project, but financing fell apart.
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 18th, 2013 09:41 pm (UTC) (Link)


    Benedict Cumberbatch really likes Matt and wants to hang out (and almost had a part for Matt in Sherlock) - only part of his interview:

    How is Matt Damon your hero?
    Well, he's just so grounded. He's so intelligent. He makes these smart choices, as an actor, as a producer, as a writer. He's so composed. You never hear a bad word said about him. Everybody loves him. And he just sounds like he's got his priorities right as a human being, and as an actor, he's phenomenal. What a screen presence. I saw Promised Land on the way to New Zealand where I was doing some more work on Smaug, the dragon in The Hobbit, and it was again, another superlative performance, the writing with John Krasinski, and just a great, great drama, setting up those arguments about the future of small-town America, and really, all small communities across the world, the crisis they face about money and income versus environmental concerns and community. It was a peaceful way of tackling it. The minute Matt and Ben [Affleck] appeared on the scene with Good Will Hunting, you knew it was a special moment. To see such young talent take the reins and create the means of work as well as star in it, and just do every one of their jobs at every level superlatively, it was very exciting. I think he's great. My biggest wish is to hang out with him!

    Jerry Weintraub and Scott Bakula on the nominations:

    In a separate conversation, Scott Bakula -- who's nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie category for his portrayal of Bob Black in the film -- said he was "gratefully astonished" by the nomination, particularly given the crowded field of potential nominees in the category.

    "Come on, the category is huge; it's ridiculous!" Bakula said. "You get overwhelmed by the number of people to choose from, it's a wonder that anyone gets nominated."

    Bakula, who told TheWrap that he had "zero expectations" for a nomination, added, "I'm just laughing. That's all I can say."

    Nice message from Donna of USA Today, as always:
    Donna Freydkin ‏@freydkin
    Happy that one of my all-time favorite guys, Matt Damon, got nominated for @HBO's #Liberace. He's as smart & nice as you think, only better

    Edited at 2013-07-18 09:42 pm (UTC)
    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 18th, 2013 10:33 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Reactions

    Glad Matt got nominated. Most of the comments i've seen are saying they believe Michael will get the award though.

    Is matt going to be at comic con this year? Haven't seen anything posted that he will be. I saw something claiming that he was flying out to San Jose Ca Sunday night. For what I don't know if true. Haven't seen any sightings since.
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 18th, 2013 11:05 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Reactions

    Matt won't be at Comic-Con. He seems to be back in Costa Rica with family, but I didn't see the earlier reference to San Jose.

    He's got almost no chance of a win at the Emmys in that category, but the nomination is nice.

    More reactions:

    Michael Douglas, nominated for lead actor in a miniseries or movie for "Behind The Candelabra": "What a treat to take a chance and be rewarded with 15 nominations. A great team effort and so well deserved by Steven Soderbergh, Matt Damon, Richard LaGravanese, Jerry Weintraub and all the people that made Behind the Candelabra so effective."

    Don Cheadle, nominated for lead actor in a comedy for "House of Lies": "Given all the hilarious film work I've done, from Traffic to Crash to Flight, it's nice to finally be recognized as the comic genius I am. Thank you, Academy members."

    "It just goes to show you -- good things happen to bad people." -- Jimmy Kimmel, on the four nominations for "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

    Edited at 2013-07-19 02:09 am (UTC)
    4mattdamon From: 4mattdamon Date: July 19th, 2013 12:49 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Reactions

    Wow, I'd love to hear Matt's response to Cumberbatch. Personally, I'm right there with him on wanting to hang out with Matt!

    Reo Roma From: Reo Roma Date: July 25th, 2013 03:28 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Behind The Candelabra!

    I'm SO HAPPY for them xoxo!!!
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