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Matt Damon News Column
Neill Blomkamp, Esquire
  • A lengthy interview with Neill Blomkamp is at The Province. A shorter version of the interview is also at the paper.

    Blomkamp's fears were allayed when he showed his book of Elysium concept art to Damon at a New York City coffee shop.

    "I was just feeling the waters out, testing if this was something I wanted to do," the director says. "From the moment I met Matt, I just knew that would not be the case. He was going to be someone who was going to be absolutely beneficial to the film in every way."

  • A possible new project with director Marc Foster is at The Tracking Board.

    A little birdie tells us that Matt Damon has been offered the lead in THE EMPTY GLASS. The project weaves historical events with infamous conspiracies, all of which lead to Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death, and told by a young coroner who was one of the first at her bungalow when she died.

    Should he choose to accept it, Damon would play (the coroner) Ben Fitzgerald. The character is described as an intelligent man with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of his job. He puts those skills to use when he becomes obsessed with finding the truth of her murder.

    J.I. Baker adapted the script from his own novel. We’re also hearing Marc Forster is set to direct this as well.

  • A photo of Matt at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, after a family vacation is at Nacion.

  • Matt's full interview in the August issue of Esquire is now available online at no charge - excerpts:

    Damon is forty-two years old, married, father of four. Along with unfaded jeans, he is wearing black — a black V-neck T-shirt, big black punk-rock boots, a black ball cap imprinted with a pattern of four black stars. He has short brown hair haunted by a blond ghost. He is a shade under six feet tall, in shape but not in action-movie shape, not in ass-kicking Elysium shape. He has what Neill Blomkamp saw in him, what everybody sees in him: a broad, friendly American face, not so much youthful as still boyish, interesting primarily for what can be imprinted upon it — the tabula rasa of its blue eyes, turned-up nose, and perfectly even white teeth. In the movies, he has the most useful smile since Tom Cruise's, but whereas Cruise uses his smile to overpower, to silence doubters, and to get out of trouble, Damon uses his to express nuance, as both beacon and shadow. In person, he does the same thing. He smiles a lot, but he has a smile that can operate at cross-purposes with his eyes. Hell, he can smile while turning down the corners of his mouth; more precisely, he can turn down the corners of his mouth and still smile, without appearing to smirk or frown. It's either a trick or a talent, but in any case it's nearly impossible to do, and it shows why, when Blomkamp says "He's almost like a regular guy who's a global celebrity," almost is the operative word.

    He is not a regular guy. He is to regular guys as he says Germans are to Americans — about 5 percent different. For comparison's sake, let's say George Clooney is about 15 percent different. Brad Pitt is about 12.5 percent different, and Leonardo DiCaprio has never been a regular guy, so he offers no basis for calculation. But Damon is so close to being a regular guy that he can pass as a regular guy onscreen and off. He can be the same guy onscreen and off, and so he offers audiences the rarest of combinations — the satisfaction of reliability and surprise.

    I mentioned an experience I'd had over the summer, when I took my daughter to a water park we'd been to many times and found it transformed by the availability of a "Fast Pass," which allows visitors to pay an extra forty-five dollars to go to the head of the lines. "It changed everything," I said, "because people were now paying to cut the line, and everybody knew that it was unfair. I knew it, my daughter knew it, and so did the people doing the cutting."

    Damon nodded. "If you really want to know what it's like to be famous, all you have to do is go to that water park and pay your forty-five bucks. Go to the water park and that's what it's like. You jump the line."
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    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 28th, 2013 03:16 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Comments on Esquire article

    This is the reason I like Matt Damon -- he tries to take an outside perspective on things, like his water park example. He conveys good insight on what it feels like to be a celebrity for the reader to understand. He is truly a down to earth person.
    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 29th, 2013 12:04 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: What it's like to be famous

    I like his analogy of a "Fast Pass" -- reminds me of two scenes in Titanic when First Class are at church, then later when the Titanic is sinking, they're all given the Fast Pass to board the lifeboats, while the lower class (commoners) were locked below deck to drown. In comparison, Cal would be buying his Fast Pass to be on Elysium believing himself entitled ("we are Royalty"), while Jack (Matt Damon) is sticking up for the slaves. I can't wait to see Elysium!! Go Matt!! :) M..
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 29th, 2013 03:11 am (UTC) (Link)

    Australian competition

    An Event Cinemas promotion to win tickets to the Sydney premiere is linked below. The cinema chain also has an Elysium preview screening nation-wide on 13 August for members. Plus a Behind the Candelabra special screening (which opened here in cinemas last week).

    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 29th, 2013 04:08 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Australian competition

    Yay! Awesome!! Thank you mattdamoncolumn, and good luck to everyone who enters. M..
    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 29th, 2013 09:56 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Australian competition

    Thanks for the heads-up on the competition! Good luck everyone!
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 29th, 2013 10:10 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Australian competition

    There's also a Hoyts competition to win tickets to Bali by playing an Elysium game:

    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 29th, 2013 11:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Australian competition

    Once you've unlocked and completed the entry form, you get another 5 BONUS entries into the prize draw by visiting Sony Pictures Australia Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SonyPicturesAUS -- beneath the codeword is another Elysium trailer "Heist Clip".
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 29th, 2013 11:04 am (UTC) (Link)

    Interviews in Miami

    Matt might be doing interviews in Miami today with NBC6 and Despierta America on Univision:


    Matt definitely spoke Spanish in the Telemundo interview, but I'm not sure if it was for the whole interview (it's not online yet).

    Miami sighting from Saturday
    Martin Haro ‏@moviemartin
    Spotted Saturday night: Former 305er Matt Damon at Café Prima Pasta, getting one of almost everything plus wine, to go. #nostalgiaofthebelly

    A photo of Matt leaving Costa Rica:

    Edited at 2013-07-29 12:30 pm (UTC)
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 29th, 2013 12:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Interviews in Miami

    Despierta Americ seems to be a very strange show - from the twitter of the EP:


    Jessy Soto-George ‏@jessymiami
    Quien fuera @honeyberrytv ❤en las manos de Matt Damon❤❤❤❤ http://instagram.com/p/cWazXSsxkI/

    DespiertaAmeric ‏@DespiertaAmeric 5m
    Gracias #MattDamon por Despertar América con nosotros @univision @satchapretto @SeverinoTV @KarlaMartinezTV

    Edited at 2013-07-29 12:58 pm (UTC)
    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 29th, 2013 11:07 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Interviews in Miami

    I like the "He's Awake" Elysium clip on your link http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/watch-matt-damon-wakes-up-in-new-clip-from-elysium-plus-jodie-fosters-was-part-originally-written-for-a-man-20130729
    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 29th, 2013 11:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Buzzfeed's 11 reasons Matt will save the world

    They forgot to mention that #12 Matt is a Libra (the symbol of JUSTICE). M..

    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 30th, 2013 03:55 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Interviews in Miami

    Look at how gently and sweetly Matt is holding that cute/ugly/ridiculous little dog! (And it's wearing a dress!) He is too darling.

    I think Matt's Spanish is very good, isn't it? I'm sure he's capable of doing an interview fluently. I suspect he's been overly modest in the past about his Spanish language skills.

    The interview looked like an unusually fun one. Hope it comes online soon!

    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: July 30th, 2013 08:36 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Interviews in Miami

    From: (Anonymous) Date: July 30th, 2013 09:08 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Interviews in Miami

    Grace, Matt's doggie skills are obviously from Behind the Candelabra. :)
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