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Forbes Celebrity list

  • Matt is ranked 49th on the Forbes Top 100 Celebrities list, and they still managed to forget one movie. Matt has not been on the list before.

    Matt Damon #49
    Pay: $27 mil 46th
    Web Hits: 695,000 66th
    Press Clips: 8,621 42th
    TV/Radio: 139 39th
    Cover stories: 1

    Damon's had great luck with sequels. In fact, nearly half his income for the past 12 months comes from them. He pulled in eight digits in box office and DVD sales on top of a hefty advance for The Bourne Supremacy, last year's follow-up to 2002's The Bourne Identity. (Hollywood's betting his luck will hold for a third Bourne installment due out in two years.) He also made a few million from Ocean's Twelve, Steven Soderbergh's all-star affair. Now Damon is treading familiar ground alongside George Clooney in the Soderbergh-produced Syriana, and he plays another con artist in Terry Gilliam's forthcoming The Brothers Grimm, each for a relatively modest sum. His immodest paycheck for The Good Shepherd, directed by Robert De Niro, makes up for it.

  • More filming news for The Departed from the Boston Globe:

    Damon, Scorsese burn the midnight oil

    Matt Damon, director Martin Scorsese, and company have been logging long hours every night this week at the former shipyard in Quincy filming scenes for "The Departed," with the crew heading home most nights long after the sun has come up. When filming finishes this week in Quincy, the operation will head to Boston for two more weeks of shooting, with Damon being joined by Leonardo DiCaprio. Boston officials have issued nearly six dozen shooting permits for scenes in seven Boston neighborhoods. (That would be at least two more areas of the city than were used for Clint Eastwood's "Mystic River.")

    Damon, who plays a member of an Irish gang that infiltrates the Boston Police Department, will film scenes with DiCaprio, who plays a police officer. When "The Departed" cast returns to Boston in August, you won't see Damon. By then, we're told, the hardest-working actor in Hollywood will be off to shoot "The Good Shepherd" with Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro, who's also directing.

  • And the reason Matt was in Vegas last weekend - from the Rocky Mountain News:

    Denver do-gooders Bob and Judi Newman were treated to a weekend in Vegas by NetJets, the private jet time-share company, where Bob played in his first-ever Texas Hold 'Em tourney.

    On Saturday, 200 players - including big-wigs Matt Damon, Wayne Gretzky, Pete Sampras, Warren Buffett and Steve Miller - anteed up for big prizes, including a Maserati.

    Before jetting to Vegas, Bob bought video games and books to bone up on the game. In the end, he took fifth place and a $50,000 Fendi gift certificate. Who gets to spend the designer-label windfall?

    "We both do," Judi told me. "I checked, and Fendi's going to start a men's line this September."

    Bob also knocked off one of five players who had "a bounty" on their heads, and won a two-night stay at the Wynn Hotel, dinner for two in one of the hotel's gourmet restaurants and show tickets.
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