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Australian interviews and premiere

  • Elysium was first at the US box office on the weekend with predicted takings of $30.5 million.

  • Matt and Sharlto Copley attended the Australian premiere of Elysium in Sydney on Monday evening. Matt and Sharlto only arrived in Australia on Monday morning, a day late, after engine problems resulted in an aborted trip from LA on Friday. The pair will next travel to Seoul, South Korea, on Tuesday ahead of another premiere in Seoul on Wednesday. Photos are from the Daily Telegraph, Yahoo, Scoopla, Deborah Hutton, Hoyts Australia and Sony Pictures. Great fan pics are here and here, and reports on the red carpet are available at Channel 7 and here.

  • Interviews will be available shortly at The Project and The 7.30 Report - also available at YouTube.

  • A radio interview with Matt on the Kevin and Bean Show from last Friday is available here.

  • More interviews: Daily Telegraph (excerpts below), and the Sydney Morning Herald, including Matt praising Hilary Clinton:

    Matt Damon, who arrived in Sydney on Monday morning for the premiere of his new sci-fi blockbuster Elysium 24 hours behind schedule, wasn't too jet-lagged to weigh into the asylum seeker debate...

    The actor said the issue resonated particularly strongly with him because all four of his grandparents immigrated to the US.

    "They got the American dream."

    Damon's delayed flight, which saw him land in Australia just hours before the George Street premiere, was due to an engine malfunction.

    "I have never had this happen - we were on the runway and we stared taxi-ing and the pilot aborted the take-off."

    Five hours later, the Qantas plane had another dry run.

    "We got to the end of the runway, he started the take off again and he aborted it again."

    "I don't know if the engine was actually bad or if it was the computer. But the pilot did the right thing. There's no break-down lane up there."
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