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  • Photos of Matt leaving Los Angeles, possibly for India, are available here.

  • A newly published interview conducted a few months ago is at The Shortlist UK - cover photo available via here

    I saw [Ben] was given an honorary degree from Brown, and he was trash-talking you...
    Oh that f*cker. It’s because I got rejected from Brown University. I got a picture through of a diploma with some snarky line. And I think, “What is this bullsh*t?” The next day I’m on the computer and it says “Dream comes true for Ben Affleck”. I click on it and I’m like, “He got a doctorate from Brown?!” I write to him: “That was from Brown? You mother*cker! You know they rejected me?” And he said “I know they did.” [Laughs]. We’ve been joking around calling him doctor for the past week.

    You didn’t actually finish your degree at Harvard. Any regrets?
    No, I got so much out of going to school there, I’m so grateful for my time there, and I really did love it. So I don’t regret anything about it. It was the right time for me to go, my class was gone. We were writing Good Will Hunting and I asked if I could do my credits at somewhere in LA. They said the Harvard rule was you have to do your senior year at Harvard or you don’t get the degree from Harvard. I was thinking, “I’m not going to do all the other time at Harvard and get a degree from somewhere else.”

    But they gave you an honorary arts medal instead?
    Yes, they gave me an arts medal, not a doctorate though. The other email chain that started was with John Krasinski [star of the US version of The Office], because he went to Brown as an undergrad. So Ben wrote this whole thing about him driving down to Rhode Island, swinging by the campus and picking up the doctorate and he was like, to John, “Did you spend four years there?” [Laughs]

    From 30 Rock to Saturday Night Live, you seem to enjoy doing comedy cameos. Do you have any more in the pipeline?
    Yes, they are really fun. I love the stuff we’ve done on Jimmy Kimmel Live. What I have realised is that it is a zero sum game, just spending time doing that and not working on my day job and being with the kids. So I have to be careful. I have so much fun, I could easily fritter away half a year and not make any money.

    Have you got any directors on the radar that you haven’t worked with?
    There’s a bunch. I’d love to work with Christopher Nolan, David Fincher and Paul Thomas Anderson. I thought The Master was just great.

  • A comment from LA magazine about an event where Matt was probably never going to attend:

    I was also excited to “run” into Matt and Lucy Damon who have reportedly purchased a home in the Palisades to get a little scoop. The Damons are sweet in person, smooching often when they think no one (I can’t help it – it’s, like, my job) is watching. But they decided to make-out elsewhere.

  • The first poster for Zero Theorem is available at Slash Film.
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