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India visit for, environmental award

  • Matt is no longer attending the screening of Behind the Candelabra at the Deauville Film Festival on Friday. Matt has returned to LA following a trip to India for, with an article about the trip at the Business Standard.

    Hollywood superstar Matt Damon, who found fame with his role of a mathematically gifted janitor, is on a mission in India to help more than a million people have access to safe water and sanitation in the next three-and-half years. The 'Good Will Hunting' star and also the co-founder of non-profit organisation Water.Org, has been working in India since 2008 to help needy people access small loans for water and sanitation purposes through its micro finance institution (MFI) partners.

    "The target for spring 2016 is to reach an additional eight lakh people, which will put us over a million in total, which is great and we are on track to do it," Damon told PTI in an exclusive interview.

    Besides, it is also aiming to reach out to around two lakh people for sanitation purposes till 2016, he added. Damon's US-based Water.Org started 'Water Credit' initiative in India in 2008 after it received a USD 4.1 million grant from PepsiCo Foundation, the philanthropy arm of beverages and snacks major PepsiCo. In 2011, the non-profit organisation received another grant of USD 8 million from PepsiCo Foundation to scale up the project. It works with over 20 MFIs across seven states in the country and helps poor people get loans in the range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 under 'Water Credit' initiative.

    The 42-year-old actor who first came to India about ten years ago to shoot a part of his second Bourne series movie "The Bourne Supremacy", is touched by his experience and life in rural India.

    "I love it here. I love coming here. I first worked here as an actor. I love the energy and going into these villages, I mean the children. I am a father... It is impossible not to see your children's faces in these kids and the village visits are incredibly exciting... So that part of it is very good, very moving," Damon said.

    When asked about his philanthropic journey in India so far, Damon said the visible change in the life of those benefited from the project makes all the effort worthwhile.

    "Form a selfish personal standpoint, (it) is just wonderful and it's the best part of the whole thing. (When) we started with the first grant, the target was 1.6 lakh people and we blew through that target, which was great for us and we ended up with 2.5 lakh people," Damon said.

  • Unsubstantiated rumors of Matt and Paul Greengrass returning to the Bourne series have been denied by Universal - via The Playlist.

  • Elysium remains at the top of the Australian box-office after Matt's one-day visit to promote the film in Australia.

  • Matt will be honored at the Environmental Media Association's Environmental Media Awards in LA on 19 October for his work with

  • Harry Knowles has written a very positive review for The Zero Theorem at Aint It Cool News.
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