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India trip photos

  • Photos from Matt's visit to Bangalore are at Indian Express and Telegraph India. More reports are at Times of India (including comments on Batman and Bourne), and here.

    The Bourne Series actor's hush-hush visit - most of the Indian media was expecting him in September - saw him visit Pondicherry, Chennai and Bangalore to check on's projects. Co-founded by Damon, the organisation works toward providing clean water and sanitation to villages.

    Matt Damon did a Jason Bourne in Bangalore, slipping away quietly like a true agent after inspecting slums that are beneficiaries of drinking water and sanitation projects funded by his non-profit organisation. The original Bourne star was accompanied by Gary White, co-founder and CEO of Water.Org.

    Damon had come yesterday morning around 8.30, before traffic clogged Bangalore roads. A Toyota Fortuner carried him to the slums on the city’s outskirts where residents had no clue about the star status of their benefactor. Clad in casuals, Damon interacted with them with the help of a translator.

    In about 90 minutes, his express operation covered a slum in Maruthi Nagar and another in Vijaya Nagar, some 35km from the heart of Bangalore. While most of the slums are badly affected by poor water supply during summer, those on the outskirts usually suffer the maximum. By around 10.30, Damon had left Bangalore.

  • Photos of Matt returning to LAX after the trip to India are at Zimbio and PopSugar.

  • Terry Gilliam on the casting of The Zero Theorem, which premieres next Monday at the Venice Film Festival - from The Playlist:

    The cast for this is great. Once you had Christoph Waltz, was it easier to get everyone else together?
    It was easier because the film had been green-lit at that point. Once something is being made, it’s easier. It ended up being a collection of friends. I remember calling Matt Damon and he didn’t even look at the script; he said “Yeah, come on, we’ll do it.” Tilda Swinton, who I’ve always wanted to work with, she said yeah. It was incredibly easy to get people because it’s an interesting project; the characters they play are very interesting, quirky, and very different then what they often play. A lot of these parts required a day or two which is easier in people’s schedules because the movie is Christoph, he’s never off.
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