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  • A late Los Angeles junket interview:

    "If there was anything that I aspire to, it's being a good father," he admitted. "I always thought, can I be a good father as I see my brother is. That was probably the thing that I aspired to and still do. And that comes from just the great influence of my parents and my brother. I have the good fortune to have the family that I have."

    Asked why he loves wearing blue jeans and shirts, Matt laughed and said, "I've always just wanted to be comfortable. My father said to me a long time ago that people look their best when they are comfortable. In fact, I read that about Steve Jobs. I read that he loved the black turtleneck and literally, his closet is full of it. It had a bunch of those and he just felt why wear something different?"

    He continued, ''George Clooney told me five or six years ago that it was funny that he ended up on the Best Dressed lists when he was wearing the same suit for all those times that he was on the list. He had one suit. He always had Armani only. They would come. They would try to give him a new one, and he would say, 'I don't want the new one. I like the old one. The old one fits perfectly.'"

    So is he an Armani guy too, we asked.

    "Yeah, I have a couple of different suits now," he said. "I'm dabbling with these other guys too. I'm living on the edge."

  • The Zero Theorem premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Monday - a review is at Indiewire.

    Much of this is helped by Waltz, who once he becomes less mumbly gives the most atypical and human performance we’ve seen since he broke out in “Inglourious Basterds.” The support is mostly strong – Hedges (who appeared in “Moonrise Kingdom”) is winning, if a touch mannered, Thewlis brings a lot of humor and even warmth, Damon is typically good value, and Tilda Swinton has fun in an extended cameo as Qohen’s virtual psychiatrist (a few other familiar faces pop up, including Ben Whishaw, Peter Stormare, Rupert Friend, Robin Williams and “ Game Of Thrones”’ Gwendoline Christie).
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